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Brown, Roy

Born 1925 in New Orleans, La. Died in 1981.


  • Feature article in issue 20 (1978) of New Kommotion.

Original Releases

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Discography is not intended to be complete

Date & Source Label & Number Title & "As By" Name Matrix Comps
King (Ohio) 45-4602  Non-pertinent Label shot Hurry Hurry Baby — Roy Brown And Hig Mighty-Mighty Men 45-K9229 Bullet Blend CD 3 (#18)
    Non-pertinent Label shot Travelin' Man — Roy Brown And Hig Mighty-Mighty Men 45-K9228  
(Bb est.)
Imperial (Calif.) X5422  Non-pertinent Label shot Saturday Nite — Roy Brown IM-1152 Bullet Ace CD 715 (#7)
Bullet Club LP 021 (#18)
Bullet Fed CD 09 (#15)
Bullet Pan American CD 56014 (#11)
    Non-pertinent Label shot Everybody — Roy Brown IM-1149  
1957/Feb. 16
Bb r&b rev.
Imperial (Calif.) X5427  Borderline Label shot Party Doll — Roy Brown IM-1241  
    Borderline Label shot I'm Stickin' With You — Roy Brown IM-1242  
1958/Apr. 21
Bb r&b rev.
Imperial (Calif.) X5510  Pertinent Label shot Song sample Hip Shakin' Baby — Roy Brown IM-1529 Bullet Bear Family CD 16102 (#7)
Bullet Beat Goes On CD 468 (#9)
Bullet Big Tone CD 5708 (#9)
Bullet Disky CD 885782 (#15)
Bullet EMI/Liberty LP 83098 (#9)
Bullet Fantasic Voyage CD 141 (#25)
Bullet Fantastic Voyage CD 113 (#37)
Bullet Lesley CD 02 (#8)
Bullet Liberty LP 2020 (#24)
Bullet Liberty CD 2998 2 (#24)
Bullet United Artists (England) LP 30101 (#9)
    Pertinent Label shot Song sample Be My Love Tonight — Roy Brown IM-1530 Bullet Big Tone CD 5709 (#3)
Bullet Disky CD 885962 (#6)
Bullet EMI/Liberty LP 83097 (#17)
Bullet United Artists (England) LP 30173 (#17)
1959/May 25
Bb pop rev.
King (Ohio) 45-5207  No rating Rinky Dinky Doo — Roy Brown 45-K10215 Bullet Blend LP 82013 (#10)
    No rating I Never Had It So Good — Roy Brown 45-K10218  
1960/Sept. 5
Bb r&b rev.
Home Of The Blues (Tenn.)  110  Non-pertinent Label shot Rocking All The Time — Roy Brown HB-2525 Bullet Flame LP 011 (#18)
    Non-pertinent Label shot Tired Of Being Alone — Roy Brown HB-2526  
Unissued Tracks
Imperial (Calif.)  uniss.  Non-pertinent Song sample We're Goin' Rockin' Tonight — Roy Brown IM-1531 Bullet Disky CD 885782 (#30)

Collector-Oriented Compilation LPs and CDs Containing Tracks

1977United Artists (England) (England) UAS 30101LPImperial Rockabillies
1979United Artists (England) (England) UAS 30173LPImperial Rockabillies, Vol. 2
1981EMI/Liberty (France) 2C 068- 83097LPImperial Rockabillies, Vol. 2
EMI/Liberty (France) 2C 068- 83098LPImperial Rockabillies
1985Blend (Belgium) BLR 82013LPRock & Roll Collection, Vol. 13
1989Flame (England) 011LPDesperate Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 11
Liberty (England) GO 2020LPCat Talk
Liberty (England) CDP 79 2998 2CDCat Talk
1993Big Tone (England) BT 5708CDImperial Rockabillies, Vol. 1
Big Tone (England) BT 5709CDImperial Rockabillies, Vol. 2
1995Blend (Belgium) 3CDBest Of Blend Rock & Roll Collection, Vol. 3
1997Bear Family (Germany) BCD 16102CDThat'll Flat Git It, Vol. 12
1999Disky (Netherlands) DC- 885782CDRed Hot Rockabilly, Part 1
Disky (Netherlands) DC- 885962CDRed Hot Rockabilly, Part 3
2000Ace (England) CDCHD 715CDRockin' From Coast To Coast, Vol. 2
Beat Goes On (England) BGOCD 468CDImperial Rockabillies [And] Capitol Rockabilly Originals
2011Fantastic Voyage (England) FVDD 113CDThree Months To Kill: West Coast Rock
2012Fantasic Voyage (England) FVDD 141CDA Whole Lotta Shakin
year?Club (Spain) 021LPGrab This And Dance, Vol. 21
Fed (Sweden) 09CDThe Fed Story, Vol. 9
Lesley LESCD 02CDImperial Rock & Roll Party
Pan American (Switzerland) 56014CDHey Girl

Acknowledgments:  Udo Frank, Adam Komorowski, Gerd Miller, R&B Indies, Joe Wajgel

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