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Smith, Kenny

Rural Rhythm artist active in Springfield, Mo. Born 1931 in Strong, Arkansas.
Another artist active in Tucson, Ariz. Born 1935 in Maysville, Ark.



Original Releases

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Date & Source Label & Number Title & "As By" Name Matrix Comps
1957/Apr. 27
Bb c&w rev.
Rural Rhythm (Calif.) RR-45-507  [45] Pertinent Walkin' By My Lonesome
Kenny Smith
Label shot
(from 45)
A Bullet Buffalo Bop CD 55080 (#5)
    Non-pertinent Go Right Back
Kenny Smith
Label shot
1958/June 9
Bb pop rev.
Top-Per (Calif.) OP-281X45 [45]
(4 Star OP series)
Borderline I'm So Lonesome, Baby
Kenny Smith
Label shot
(from Buffalo Bop CD 55046)
OP-509-C Bullet B-Sharp CD 6/26 (#16)
Bullet B-Sharp LP 666- 2 (#2)
Bullet Buffalo Bop CD 55046 (#9)
Bullet Flesh Den CD 6904 (#17)
Bullet Shimmy CD 101 (#12)
Bullet True Blue Rockabilly CD 001 (#19)
Bullet White Label LP 8841 (#7)
    Non-pertinent Secret Date
Kenny Smith
Label shot
1959/Aug. 24
Bb pop rev.
Pik (La.) P-700/1 [45] Pertinent Wild Man
Kenny Smith
Label shot
(from Buffalo Bop CD 55045)
P-700 Bullet Buffalo Bop LP 2079 (#14)
Bullet Buffalo Bop CD 55045 (#1)
Bullet Club WWR LP 001 (#1)
Bullet Collector CD 4456 (#6)
    No rating Walkin With My Linda Lee
Kenny Smith
mx series
K-Ark (Mo.)  304  [45]
(pressed by Rite)
Pertinent Rockin Roll Party
Kenny Smith And Cove Tones
Label shot
(from Dee Jay Jamboree CD 55115)
CP-2796 Bullet Dee Jay Jamboree CD 55115 (#14)
Bullet K-Ark CD [FSLTN] (#2)
    Non-pertinent No Man Should Dream Alone
Kenny Smith And Cove Tones
Label shot

Collector-Oriented Compilation LPs and CDs Containing Tracks

1982White Label (Netherlands) WLP 8841LPRock Originals
1992Buffalo Bop (Germany) Bb-LP 2079LPThe Bop That Never Stopped, Vol. 62
1995Club WWR (Spain) WWRLP 001LPWild Wild Rockin', Vol. 1
1996Buffalo Bop (Germany) Bb-CD 55045CDWild Man
Buffalo Bop (Germany) Bb-CD 55046CDShakin' Time
1997Flesh Den (England) FD 6904CDRock 'N' Roll Orgy, Vol. 4
1999Buffalo Bop (Germany) Bb-CD 55080CDRockabilly Rock
Collector (Netherlands) CLCD 4456CDRock Jump Rock
2005B-Sharp (England) 666- 2LPNasty Rockabilly, Vol. 2
2006Dee Jay Jamboree (Germany) DJ-CD 55115CDTeen Scene!, Vol. 3
year?B-Sharp (England) 6/26CDNasty Rockabilly, CD 1
K-Ark [FSLTN]CDFrom St. Louis To Nashville, From Rock To Country
Shimmy SHIM CD 101CDRockabilly Boys
True Blue Rockabilly TBR 001CDTrue Blue Rockabilly, Vol. 1

Acknowledgments:  CMF Library, Stephane Chatain, Udo Frank, Michel Proost, Rockabilly Record Guide, Mike Smyth, Peter van Wilsem

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