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Summers, Ronnie

Original Releases

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Date & Source Label & Number Title & "As By" Name Matrix Comps
1959/Apr. 20
Bb pop rev.
Radio (Calif.)  124-45 Pertinent Salt And Pepper
Ronnie Summers / Chuck Vedder Band
Label shot
(from 45)
E4245a Bullet Be-Bop LP 0200 (#3)
Bullet Bear Family CD 15936 (#17)
Bullet Blend LP 82002 (#4)
Bullet Knockville LP 4403 (#4)
Bullet Radio CD 001 (#5)
    Pertinent Baby Go Away
Ronnie Summers / Chuck Vedder Band
Label shot
(from 45)
BMI clear.
Ventura (Calif.) VR711/2 Borderline Blankety Blank
Ronnie Summers / Chuck Vedder Orch.
(from Buffalo Bop CD 55060)
VR 712 E-6969 Bullet Buffalo Bop CD 55060 (#10)
Bullet Collector CD 4530 (#17)
    No rating Whose Heart Are You Breaking Now
Ronnie Summers / Chuck Vedder Orch.
VR 711 E-6970  
Locket (Calif.)  103  Pertinent Freeze
Ronnie Summers
Label shot
L-1427 Bullet Collector CD 4499 (#5)
    No rating Lonesome Road
Ronnie Summers
Label shot
L-1428 Bullet Collector CD 4492 (#19)
1961/Oct. 16
Bb pop rev.
Bamboo (Calif.)  514  No rating St. James Infirmary
Ronnie Summers
Label shot
    No rating Girl Of My Dreams
Ronnie Summers
Label shot
1963/May 25
Bb pop rev.
RRE (Calif.)  1022  No rating I'm Sorry For You
Ronnie Summers
    No rating Ballin' The Jack
Ronnie Summers And The Chuck Vedder Orch.
Label shot
R.R.E.-4-222 Bullet Collector CD 4523 (#20)

Collector-Oriented Compilation LPs and CDs Containing Tracks

1982Blend (Belgium) BLR. 82002LPRock & Roll Collection, Vol. 2
1994Be-Bop BB 0200LPThe Rocking Jiving King, Vol. 2
1996Bear Family (Germany) BCD 15936CDThat'll Flat Git It, Vol. 8
1997Buffalo Bop (Germany) Bb-CD 55060CDRock
2006Collector (Netherlands) CLCD 4492CDKnockout Rockin'
Collector (Netherlands) CLCD 4499CDSlow Boogie Rockin', Vol. 6
year?Collector (Netherlands) CLCD 4523CDLet's Rock Now
Collector (Netherlands) CLCD 4530CDRockers And Boppers
Knockville (Netherlands) 4403LPRock And Roll For Collectors, Vol. 3
Radio RACD- 001CDThe Radio Story

Acknowledgments:  Will Derrington, Udo Frank, Gerd Miller, Rockabilly Record Guide, Peter van Wilsem

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