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Tall, Tom

Real name Tommie Lee Guthrie. Born 1937 in Amarillo, Texas. Died in 2013.

Original Releases

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Date & Source Label & Number Title & "As By" Name Matrix Comps
BMI clear.
Fabor (Calif.)  132-45 Pertinent Hot Rod Is Her Name
Tom Tall And The Creel Sisters
Label shot
(from 45)
A Bullet Bear Family CD 15936 (#16)
Bullet Buffalo Bop CD 55083 (#29)
Bullet Presto CD [HR&C] (#18)
    Non-pertinent Why Must I Wonder
Tom Tall
1956/July 21
Bb c&w rev.
Fabor (Calif.)  139-45 Non-pertinent Don't You Know (Don't You Know)
Tom Tall - Ruckus Tyler With Fabor Robison String Music Band
Label shot
(from Bear Family CD 15936)
A Bullet Bear Family CD 15936 (#28)
Bullet CRH LP 6 (#10)
    No rating If You Know What I Know
Tom Tall - Ruckus Tyler With Fabor Robison String Music Band
Label shot
1958/Mar. 24
Bb pop rev.
Crest (Calif.) 45-1038 
(pressed by Monarch)
Pertinent Stack-A-Records
Tom Tall And His Tom Kats
Label shot
(from 45)
Y:CM 1001 Δ20768 Bullet Bear Family CD 16788 (#9)
Bullet Bear Family CD 17564 (#5)
Bullet Castle Pulse CD 355 (#14)
Bullet Chief CD 1156504 (#9)
Bullet Eagle LP 302 (#9)
Bullet Fantastic Voyage CD 142 (#27)
Bullet Folkline CD 164 (#21)
Bullet Lucky CD 812 (#24)
Bullet Not Now Music CD 346 (#21)
Bullet Rhino CD 73346 (#53)
Bullet Rockstar CD 017 (#1)
Bullet Rockstar LP 1002 (#1)
Bullet Rockstar LP 1011 (#14)
Bullet Smith & Co. CD 1197 (#20)
Bullet Yellow CD 306652 (#4)
Bullet Zomboco CD 3 (#8)
    Pertinent Mary Jo
Tom Tall And His Tom Kats
Label shot
(from 45)
Z:CM 1002 Δ20768 Bullet Bear Family CD 17564 (#30)
Bullet Yeaah! CD 508 (#4)
1958/Oct. 13
Bb pop rev.
Crest (Calif.) 45-1052 
(pressed by Monarch)
Pertinent To Be Alone
Tom Tall
Label shot
(from 45)
Y:CM 1034 Δ24689  
    Borderline High School Love
Tom Tall
Label shot
Z:CM 1035 Δ24690  
Unissued Tracks
[unissued]  uniss.  No rating This Old Heart
Tom Tall
  Bullet Cotton Town Jubilee CD 4 (#23)


Collector-Oriented Compilation LPs and CDs Containing Tracks

1976Eagle (Germany) 302LPStack-A-Records
1980Rockstar (England) 1002LPThe Best Of Crest Records, Vol. 1: Can You Bop?
1986Rockstar (England) RSRLP- 1011LPSpotlight On Crest Records
1992Chief (Netherlands) CCD 1156504CDUltra Rare Rockabilly's, Vol. 4
1996Bear Family (Germany) BCD 15936CDThat'll Flat Git It, Vol. 8
1997Cotton Town Jubilee (Germany) CTJCD 4CDHonky Tonk Rockabillies, Vol. 2
Lucky (England) CDLR 812CDRockabilly Gold, Vol. 12
1999Buffalo Bop (Germany) Bb-CD 55083CDHot Rod Hop
Rockstar (England) RSRCD 017CDThe Crest Records Story: Talk About A Party!
2006Bear Family (Germany) BCD 16788CDOne More Record Please
Rhino (United States) R2 73346CDRockin' Bones: '50s Punk & Rockabilly
2009Yellow (Germany) SPV 306652CDThe Best Of Crest Records: Rockin' & Rollin
2010Not Now Music NOT2CD 346CDReal Raw Rockabilly
2012Fantastic Voyage (England) FVDD 142CDTexas Tornados: Rock 'N' Roll From The Lone Star State
2018Bear Family (Germany) BCD 17564CDThat'll Flat Git It, Vol. 29 (Crest)
year?CRH R- 6LPRockabilly Duos
Castle Pulse (England) PBXCD 355CDRock Baby Rock It: Record Hop Rock And Roll
Folkline (England) 274- 164CDGo Kat Go!, Vol. 3
Presto [HR&C]CDHot Rods & Cadillacs
Smith & Co. SCCD 1197CDGreat Rockabilly: Just About As Good As It Gets!, Vol. 4
Yeaah! CD 508CDTeen Town USA, Vol. 8
Zomboco (United States) 3CDReal Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 3

Acknowledgments:  CMF Library, Udo Frank, Rob Karman, Willie Lewis, Gerd Miller, Bob Pinson, Michel Proost

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