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Cham 80560 (LP)

Rockin' Rollin', Vol. 6

Cover image
Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Britt, Daryl Pertinent Lover Lover
Label shot
Blue (Wash.) 45-SRC-1198/9  
2. Dean, Terry No rating Get It Not listed in RCS
3. Dreamers Pertinent Rock And Roll Baby
Label shot
Event (Maine) E-4270  1958/June 2
Bb pop rev.
4. R-Dells No rating You Know Baby Not listed in RCS
5. Williams, Bobby No rating Lost My Job Not listed in RCS
6. Toby & Ray Pertinent Bom Do Wa
Label shot
Blue Moon (Calif.) 45-BM-411  1959/Feb. 16
Bb pop rev.
7. Rhythm-Addicts No rating Oomp Boomp
Label shot
Frantic (Ky.) 45-802 
(pressed by Rite)
mx series
8. Sharp, Billy No rating Hippitty Hop Not listed in RCS
9. Hollywood Argyles No rating Alley-Oop Not listed in RCS
10. Harvey No rating Da Da Goo Goo Not listed in RCS
11. Emjays No rating Waitin' Not listed in RCS
12. Arnold, Jack Borderline Pistol Packing Mama
Label shot
Wildcat (Texas) W00018  1959/Oct. 5
Bb c&w rev.
13. Pals No rating My Baby Likes To Rock Not listed in RCS
14. Johnny & Jerry Borderline Cry-Baby [!!]
Label shot
Silver Slipper (Calif.) SS1004x Cover shot
(pressed by RCA)
1960/Sept. 12
Bb pop rev.
15. Keytones Borderline La-Do-Da Da
Label shot
Chelsea (N.Y.) 45-CH101 
(pressed by RCA)
1962/Nov. 24
Bb pop rev.
16. Bell, Eddy Borderline The Great Great Pumpkin
Label shot
Lucky Four (Ill.) 45-LF-1012  1961/Dec.
BMI clear.
17. Little E Non-pertinent Candy Apple Red Impala Not listed in RCS
18. Hollywood Argyles No rating Gun Totin' Critter Called Jack Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Udo Frank

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