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Emusic/Ling Music Group 12671101 (MP) (United States, 2011)

Rare Rock & Roll, Vol. 1

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Source: Emusic

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Adkinson, Billy Borderline Rock-A-Mo - Part I – (instr.)
Label shot
Gala (Ga.) 45-112 
(pressed by Rite)
(Bb est.)
2. Daniels, Jeff Pertinent Daddy-O-Rock
Label shot
Meladee (La.) M-117 
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
3. Brown, Walter Pertinent Alley Cat
Label shot
Zip (Texas) CP-4686  1958/Mar. 31
Bb pop rev.
4. Miller, Carl Pertinent Rhythm Guitar
Label shot
Lu (Tenn.)  503  1958/Mar. 31
Bb c&w rev.
5. Montgomery, Harold Pertinent How Much Do You Miss Me
Label shot
Wolf-Tex (Ky.) 45-103   
6. Wolford, Jimmy Pertinent My Name Is Jimmy
Label shot
4 Star (Calif.)  1714x45 1958/Jan. 6
Bb c&w rev.
7. Carpenter, Everett Pertinent Run Run Mabel
Label shot
Square Deal (Ill.)  501   
8. Starr, Andy [2] Borderline I Love You Baby
Label shot
Arcade (N.Y.)  115  1959
(art. est.)
9. Vibes Pertinent Pretty Baby (I Saw You Last Night)
Label shot
Perspective Sound (Okla.)  5858-M  
10. Taylor, Bob Borderline Don't Be Unfair
Label shot
Yucca (N.M.) 45-110  1959/May 4
Bb pop rev.
11. Strange, Tommy Pertinent Nervous And Shakin' All Over
Label shot
Rocko (La.) 45-504  1960/June
12. Barron, Lonnie Pertinent Teenage Queen
Label shot
Sage (Calif.) 45-230  1956/Nov. 17
Bb c&w rev.
13. Seals, Wayland Borderline When I'm Gone
Label shot
Winston (Texas)  1016-45
(pressed by Monarch)
1957/Aug. 5
Bb c&w rev.

Acknowledgments:  Emusic

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