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Title & "As By" Name Artist Label & Number Date Matrix Comps
Borderline Here — Tommy McConnell And His Tom Cats
Label shot
McConnell, TommyKim (Ala.)  1001 
(pressed by Monarch)
mx series
Non-pertinent Here My Love Calling Me — Zeke Clements Clements, ZekeJanet (Ky.) EP301 
Zeke Clement Sings [mono]
Cover shot
No rating Here 'Tis — Eddie Fontaine With Orchestra And Chorus Directed By Joe Thomas
Label shot
Reardon, EddieVik (N.Y.) 4X-0193 1956/Feb. 11
Bb pop rev.
G4PW-1137 Bullet Big Beat (France) CD 00039 (#24)
Bullet Big Beat (France) CD 7931732 (#24)
Bullet EMI (France) CD 93173 (#24)
Bullet Jalo LP 33102 (#7)
Bullet Musidisc/DCA CD 107812 (#17)
Bullet Pan American CD 56019 (#16)
Bullet Patti LP 8002 (#7)
Bullet Teenager CD 603 (#8)
No rating Here Am I — Jimmy Spellman
Label shot
Spellman, JimmyDot (Calif.) 45-15564 1957/Apr. 29
Bb c&w rev.
No rating Here Comes Authority — Ronnie Self Self, Ronnie[need info]     
  Bullet Hydra CD 27113 (#25)
No rating Here Comes My Baby — Jimmy And Johnny
Label shot
Jimmy & JohnnyDecca (N.Y.) 9-30278 1957/Apr.
(Bb est.)
45-101140 Bullet Bear Family CD 15771 (#18)
Non-pertinent Here Comes My Baby Back Again — Ray Smith
Label shot
(from Revival LP 3004)
Smith, Ray [2]Tollie (Ill.)  9029 1964/Nov. 28
CB c&w rev.
64-6688 Bullet Revival LP 3004 (#15)
Non-pertinent Here Comes Rain — Chuck Slaughter / Buddy Ray And The Shamrocks
Label shot
Slaughter, ChuckLucky 11 (Mich.)  1111  
Non-pertinent Here Comes Sally — Trini Lopez
Label shot
(from Wendi LP 00008)
Lopez, TriniKing (Ohio) 45-5198 1959/Apr. 13
Bb pop rev.
45-K10168 Bullet Volk LP 1101 (#12)
Bullet Wendi LP 00008 (#3)
No rating Here Comes That Feeling — Brenda Lee Lee, BrendaDecca (N.Y.) ED2725 
Everybody Loves Me But You [mono]
Cover shot
S 4372  
No rating Here Comes That Feeling — Brenda Lee
Label shot
(from Bear Family CD BCD 15772)
Lee, BrendaDecca (N.Y.)  31379 1962/Apr. 7
Bb pop rev.
  Bullet Ace CD 1222 (#5)
Bullet Bear Family CD 16686 (#25)
Bullet Charly LP 6 (#24)
Bullet Chrysalis CD 2 (#21)
No rating Here Comes That Feeling Again — Dorsey Burnette Burnette, Dorsey[need info]     
  Bullet Chrysalis CD 2 (#12)
No rating Here Comes That Heartache Again — Ray Campi Campi, Ray[need info]     
  Bullet Eagle CD 90122 (#8)
Non-pertinent Here Comes That Song Again — Roy Orbison With Bob Moore's Orch. & Chorus
Label shot
Orbison, RoyMonument (N.Y.) 45-421 1960/May 9
Bb pop rev.
MO 591  
Non-pertinent Here Comes That Train — Calvin Boles
Label shot
(from White Label LP 8836)
Boles, CalvinYucca (N.M.) 45-118 1959/Nov.
(Bb est.)
11459-B Bullet White Label LP 8836 (#14)
No rating Here Comes The Fuzz — Bop-Kats Bop-KatsBop-Kats (Mass.) BK32069  
  Bullet Boparama LP 1 (#6)
Bullet Buffalo Bop CD 55086 (#10)
Pertinent Here Comes The Night — Billy Guitar And His Nighthawks
Label shot
(from Bear Family CD 16289)
Guitar, BillyApex (Que.) 9-76185 1957/Sept. 23
Bb c&w rev.
45-J-139 Bullet Bear Family CD 16289 (#7)
Bullet Collector CD 4426 (#18)
Pertinent Here Comes The Night — Billy Guitar And His Nighthawks
Label shot
(from MCA (England) LP 2789)
Guitar, BillyDecca (N.Y.) 9-30634 1958/June 23
Bb c&w rev.
103,660 Bullet Big Tone CD 5705 (#27)
Bullet MCA LP 1756 (#7)
Bullet MCA (England) LP 2789 (#7)
Bullet One Day Music CD 134 (#39)
No rating Here Comes The Night [alt. vers.] — Billy Guitar Guitar, Billy[unissued]  uniss.  
  Bullet Collector CD 4474 (#2)
No rating Here Comes The Rain — Les Vote Vogt, LesAragon (B.C.) AR-410 
Cover shot
A Bullet Bear Family CD 16669 (#25)
Borderline Here Comes The Train — Eddie Bond With Jordanaires
Label shot
(from 45)
Bond, EddieK-Ark (Mo.)  643 1965
(Bb est.)
SoN-18482 Bullet Buffalo Bop CD 55152 (#8)
Bullet K-Ark CD [FSLTN] (#10)
Borderline Here Comes The Train — Eddie Bond
Label shot
(from 45)
Bond, EddieMemphis (Tenn.) M-115 1965/July
BMI clear.
SoN 18482 Bullet Ace LP 167 (#1)
Bullet Ace CD 191 (#25)
Bullet Disky CD 250542 (#47)
Bullet Redita [2nd series] LP 102 (#8)
Bullet Stomper Time CD 1 (#18)
Bullet Stomper Time CD 3 (#17)
Bullet Stomper Time CD 15 (#11)
Bullet Stomper Time CD 19 (#3)
Bullet Stomper Time CD 23 (#4)
Bullet Sunjay LP 568 (#4)
Bullet Sunjay LP 574 (#9)
No rating Here Comes The Train — Cliffie Stone's Orchestra With Bob Roubian
Label shot
(from 45)
Stone, CliffieCapitol (Calif.) F3244 1955/Oct.
(Bb est.)
No rating Here Goes Again — Chip Fisher Fisher, ChipRCA Victor (N.J.) LPM1797 
Chipper At The Sugar Bowl [mono]
Cover shot
RCA mx code
Borderline Here He Comes - There They Go — Cris Kevin And The Comics
Label shot
(from 45)
Miller, WarrenColt 45 (D.C.) S45-103 
(pressed by Capitol)
1959/May 11
Bb pop rev.
JB-216 Bullet Classics CD 735 (#20)
Non-pertinent Here I Am — Melvin Endsley
Label shot
(from 45)
Endsley, MelvinHickory (Tenn.) 45-1131 1960/Oct. 24
Bb pop rev.
45-F-264 Bullet Bear Family CD 15595 (#23)
No rating Here I Am — Roy Perkins
Label shot
Perkins, RoyMeladee (La.) M112  
No rating Here I Am — Jerry Reed
Label shot
Reed, JerryCapitol (Calif.) F3294 1955/Nov. 26
Bb c&w rev.
45-14498 Bullet Bear Family CD 16306 (#20)
Bullet Pickwick LP 6127 (#2)
Bullet Revival LP 3017 (#6)
Non-pertinent Here I Am — Ronnie And Roy
Label shot
(from 45)
Ronnie & RoyCapitol (Calif.) F4192 1959/May 4
Bb pop rev.
No rating Here I Am — Dale Wright Wright, DaleQueen-B (Ohio) QF-510 
(pressed by King)
Non-pertinent Here I Am - Drunk Again — Ray Hudson And The Western Rhythmaires
Label shot
(from Buffalo Bop CD 55073)
Hudson, RayDixie (regional) 45-1043 
(Starday PD series)
(SPD est.)
A Bullet Buffalo Bop CD 55073 (#9)
Bullet Collector CD 4410 (#30)
Bullet Million LP 7 (#5)
No rating Here I Am Again — The Carter Kids
Label shot
Carter KidsGambler (Va.)  1638 1964
mx series
SoN 9512  
Non-pertinent Here I Am Drunk Again — Lattie Moore
Label shot
(from 45)
Moore, LattieKing (Ohio) 45-5413 1960/Oct. 17
Bb c&w rev.
45-K4964 Bullet Revival LP 3015 (#11)
Bullet Westside CD 109 (#23)
No rating Here I Am In Love Again — Roy Head And The Traits TraitsTNT (Texas) TLP-101 
Roy Head And The Traits [mono]
Cover shot
on label or cover
No rating Here I Am In Love Again — The Traits / Vocal, Roy Head
Label shot
TraitsTNT (Texas)  177 1960/Mar.
- Bullet Norton LP 358 (#6)
Bullet TNT LP 101 [alt.] (#11)
Bullet [DYNA?] CD 101 (#9)
No rating Here I Am In Love Again [alt. vers.] — The Traits Traits[need info]     
  Bullet Domino LP 1011 (#17)
Bullet [DYNA?] CD 101 (#26)
Non-pertinent Here I Come — Jimmy Dee
Label shot
Dee, JimmyDot (Calif.) 45-15721 1958/Mar. 15
CB pop rev.
MW-10659 Bullet Beaver LP 3304 (#12)
Bullet Pan American CD 56025 (#2)
Non-pertinent Here I Come — Jimmy Dee And The Offbeats
Label shot
(from Wendi LP 000002)
Dee, JimmyTNT (Texas) TNT-152 1958/Feb.
- Bullet TNT CD 00135 (#12)
Bullet Wendi LP 000002 (#9)
No rating Here I Go — Jerry Wallace
Label shot
Wallace, JerryChallenge (Calif.)  9152 1962/June /2
Bb pop rev.
836 Bullet Classics CD 710 (#23)
Bullet Emusic/Master Classics MP 11784806 (#8)
Pertinent Here I Go Again — Sammy Salvo With The Jubilaires
Label shot
Salvo, SammyRCA Victor (N.J.) 47-7350 1958/Sept. 29
Bb pop rev.
J2WW-3358 Bullet Eagle CD 90126 (#10)
Bullet Eagle LP 309010 (#6)
No rating Here In My Heart — Mel Dorsey
Label shot
Dorsey, MelOrbit Sound (Ore.)  106 
(pressed by Monarch)
45-#2 Δ12595  
No rating Here In Your Arms — The Originals
Label shot
OriginalsTwinkle (Texas)  502  
No rating Here Is Your Heart — Jerry Robinson
Label shot
Robinson, JerryRoyce (Texas)  1640  
Borderline Here Kitty Kitty — Jimmy Murphy
Label shot
(from Proper CD 103)
Murphy, JimmyColumbia (N.Y.) 4-21486 1956/Jan. 28
Bb c&w rev.
JZSP 37420 Bullet Bear Family CD 15451 (#7)
Bullet Bear Family CD 16725 (#12)
Bullet Proper CD 103 (#49)
Non-pertinent Here Lately I Seem To Cry A Lot — Curtis Long
Label shot
Long, CurtisPla-Me (Okla.) 666P-4876 
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
No rating Here Today & Gone Tomorrow — Tommy Scott & The Men Of The Long Journay / Vocal: Sam Baxter
Label shot
Scott, TommyRequest (N.Y.) R45-2025/61960 or later
(Bb est.)
R45-2025 Bullet Cattle LP 126 (#8)
No rating Here Today - Gone Tomorrow — Dave Farley
Label shot
Dawson, JimmieBonanza (Ill.)  100 
(pressed by King)
1955/Oct. 1
Bb c&w rev.
DFR 12  
No rating Here Today - Gone Tomorrow — Jimmie Dawson Dawson, JimmiePlayboy (Ariz.)  346 
Cover shot
on label or cover
J.P. 1235  
No rating Here Today - Gone Tomorrow — Your Ol'e Hillbilly Buddy - Dave Farley
Label shot
Dawson, JimmieWJOL-WMRO (Ill.)  806  
45-DFR 12  
Non-pertinent Here Today And Gone Tomorrow — Janis Martin
Label shot
(from Bear Family CD 15406)
Martin, JanisPalette (N.Y.) PZ5058 1960/July 25
Bb pop rev.
AL 8130 Bullet Bear Family LP 15043 (#9)
Bullet Bear Family LP 15046 (#9)
Bullet Bear Family CD 15406 (#18)
Bullet Bella LP 1001 (#17)
Bullet CCL LP 1106 (#4)
Non-pertinent Here We Are Again — Ray Beach And The Driftwoods / Vocal By Ray Beach / Instrumentation: G.McCray, J.King, J.Grant
Label shot
(from 45)
Beach, RayRay Beach (loc?)  20663/41968/Feb.
BMI clear.
No rating Here We Are Again — Wanda Jackson Jackson, WandaCapitol (Calif.) T-1041 
Wanda Jackson [mono]
Cover shot
1958/Sept. 1
Bb Aud.
T1-1041 Bullet Capitol (Belgium) LP 85111 (#5)
Bullet Capitol (France) LP 85111 (#5)
No rating Here We Go Again — Butch Paulson And His Rovin' Gamblers
Label shot
Paulson, ButchStacka (Wash.) SR-101  
Non-pertinent Here We Go Again — Bill Short And The Shocks
Label shot
(from White Label LP 8843)
Short, BillRescue (Md.) RX-21011  
RX-422 Bullet White Label LP 8843 (#13)
No rating Here's My Heart — Bobby Edwards
Label shot
Edwards, BobbyCapitol (Calif.)  4789 1963/June
45-37072 Bullet Bear Family CD 16608 (#14)
Pertinent Here, There, Everywhere — The Rhythm Rockets
(from Ace CD 639)
Rhythm Rockets[unissued]  uniss.  
  Bullet AFS LP 1002 (#12)
Bullet Ace CD 639 (#17)
Bullet Chief CD 1156513 [1st] (#20)
Bullet Luxel CD 7109 (#27)

Records 1-105 of 105 

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