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Dig DIG9620 (CD)

The Big Beat, Vol. 4

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Billie & Lillie No rating The In's And Out's Of Love Not listed in RCS
2. Randolph, Boots No rating Red Light Not listed in RCS
3. Newman, Ted No rating Brigitte
Label shot
RCA Victor (N.J.) 45-7251  1958/May 19
Bb pop rev.
4. Holland, Eddie No rating Little Miss Ruby Not listed in RCS
5. Sam & The Saxtones No rating Civilisation Not listed in RCS
6. Drexell, Steve Non-pertinent Dance To The Bop
Label shot
Rip (Calif.) RP-131  Cover shot 1958/July
(Bb est.)
7. Campbell, Jo Ann Borderline You're Driving Me Mad
Label shot
Gone (N.Y.)  5021  1958/Feb. 3
Bb pop rev.
8. Voight, Wes No rating I'm Ready To Go Steady
Label shot
King (Ohio) 45-5231  1959/Aug. 10
Bb pop rev.
9. Craddock, Crash No rating Ole King Cole
Label shot
Mercury (Ill.)  71862  1962/Feb. 3
Bb pop rev.
10. Horse, Dr. No rating Salt Park West Virginia Not listed in RCS
11. Allen, Milton Borderline Jamboree
Label shot
RCA Victor (N.J.) 47-7116  1957/Dec. 30
Bb pop rev.
12. Inspirators No rating Do You Love Her Not listed in RCS
13. Jay, Johnny Pertinent I'm Gonna Keep It
Label shot
Mercury (Ill.)  71267X45 1958/Feb. 10
Bb pop rev.
14. Darren, James No rating We Gotta Have Love Not listed in RCS
15. Blackwell, Otis No rating Handle With Care Not listed in RCS
16. Vernon, Ray Borderline Evil Angel
Label shot
Cameo (Pa.)  109 
(pressed by RCA)
1957/June 17
Bb pop rev.
17. Hammer, Karl, Jr. No rating Sittin' Alphabetically Not listed in RCS
18. Lanier, Don Borderline Need Your Loving
Label shot
Gee (N.Y.) G-1060  1960/Apr. 11
Bb pop rev.
19. Gracie, Charlie Non-pertinent Cool Baby
Label shot
Cameo (Pa.)  118  1957/Oct. 28
Bb pop rev.
20. Jaxon, Bob No rating Beach Party Not listed in RCS
21. Humphries, Teddy Borderline Guitar Pickin' Fool
Label shot
King (Ohio) 45-5182  1959/Mar. 2
Bb r&b rev.
22. Mint Juleps No rating Vip-A-Dip Not listed in RCS
23. Doo, Dickie No rating Flip Top Box Not listed in RCS
24. Webster, Katie No rating Mama Don't Alow Not listed in RCS
25. Backus, Gus No rating Queen Of The Stars Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Terry Leonard

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