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Westside WESA809 (CD) (England, 2000)

The Vin Story 1958-61

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Huey & Jerry No rating Little Chickie Wah Wah Not listed in RCS
2. Anderson, Elton No rating Shed So Many Tears Not listed in RCS
3. Anderson, Elton No rating Roll On Train Not listed in RCS
4. Allen, Jesse No rating Baby Say You Will Not listed in RCS
5. Handsome Earl No rating Everybody Got To Cry (take 1) Not listed in RCS
6. Lee, Jimmie [2] Pertinent Teen-Age Wedding
Label shot
Vin (Miss.)  1004  1958
mx series
7. Scott, Albert No rating Hey, Hey, Baby Come Home Not listed in RCS
8. Sime, Frankie Lee No rating She Likes To Boogie Real Low Not listed in RCS
9. Lee, Harry [2] Pertinent Everytime I See You
Label shot
Vin (Miss.)  1007  1959/July 6
Bb pop rev.
10. Lee, Harry [2] Pertinent You Don't Know
Label shot
Vin (Miss.)  1007  1959/July 6
Bb pop rev.
11. Woods, Bobby Pertinent Love Is My Business
Label shot
Vin (Miss.)  1009  1959/Jan.
(Bb est.)
12. Lee, Jimmie [2] Pertinent Look What Love Will Do
Label shot
Vin (Miss.)  1010  1959/Feb. 2
Bb pop rev.
13. Lee, Jimmie [2] Pertinent I Ain't Worried About Tomorrow
Label shot
Vin (Miss.)  1010  1959/Feb. 2
Bb pop rev.
14. Webb, Bobby No rating Angel Face Not listed in RCS
15. Webb, Bobby No rating I Ain't Worried No More Not listed in RCS
16. Morgus & The Ghouls No rating Morgus The Magnificent Not listed in RCS
17. Phaetons Pertinent I Love My Baby
Label shot
Vin (Miss.)  1015  1959/June 15
Bb pop rev.
18. Poulton, Dick No rating Susie Not listed in RCS
19. Poulton, Dick No rating Capital City Bounce Not listed in RCS
20. Washington, Ray No rating I Know Not listed in RCS
21. Spears, Calvin No rating Baby Come On Home Not listed in RCS
22. Williams, Dicky No rating Tee-Na-Na Not listed in RCS
23. Johnson, Stella No rating The Things I Used To Do Not listed in RCS
24. Johnson, Stella No rating Well I Done Got Over Not listed in RCS
25. Ray & Lamar No rating The Party Went Wild [unissued]      
26. Smith, Huey Piano No rating I Didn't Do It Not listed in RCS
27. Ray, Danny No rating Love Me [alt. vers.] [unissued]      
28. Clanton, Jimmy No rating What Am I Living For Not listed in RCS
29. Ends [x] No rating Row, Row My Boat Not listed in RCS
30. Clanton, Jimmy No rating Heartbreak Hotel Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Bear Family catalog, Udo Frank

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