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Eric's 008 (LP) (1981)

Jukebox At Eric's, Vol. 1: Rock 'N Roll

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Mitchell, Duke No rating The Lion – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
2. Rays No rating Elevator Operator Not listed in RCS
3. Smith, Shelby R. Borderline Jim-Dandy Handy Man
Label shot
Silver Skip (Tenn.)  203   
4. Playboys [2] No rating Jungle Fever
Label shot
Rik (Calif.) R572  1959/Nov. 2
Bb pop rev.
5. Prager, Billy Pertinent Do It Bop
Label shot
Crystal (Ill.: Chicago)  106  1958/Oct.
mx series
6. Downing, Big Al Borderline Georgia Slop
Label shot
Columbia (N.Y.) 4-43185  1964/Dec. 19
Bb hot rev.
7. Frogmen Non-pertinent Underwater Not listed in RCS
8. Blake, Tommy Pertinent F-olding Money
Label shot
Recco (La.)  1006  1959/Nov.
mx series
9. Lowell, Jackie Borderline Rocket Trip
Label shot
Band Box (Colo.)  266  1961/June
(Bb est.)
10. Russell, Sonny Pertinent 50 Megatons
Label shot
Band Box (Colo.) #332 
(pressed by RCA)
(Bb est.)
11. Catalinas [2] Pertinent The Catalina Push
Label shot
Catalina (Calif.) C-115 
(pressed by Wakefield)
mx series
12. Day, Bobby Non-pertinent Three Young Rebs From Georgia Not listed in RCS
13. Morris, Lamar No rating The Fugitive
Label shot
Bonanza (loc?)  4918 
(pressed by Southern)
1965/May 8
CB pop rev.
14. Wailers No rating Shanghied – (instr.)
Label shot
Golden Crest (N.Y.) CR-532  1959-60
(Bb est.)
15. Trammell, Bobby Lee Pertinent New Dance In France
Label shot
Atlanta (Ark.)  1503  1964/June
BMI clear.
16. Sharpe, Ray No rating Monkey's Uncle Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Down Home Music catalog, Udo Frank

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