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Hee Hee Hee 1 (LP) (England)

I Was A Teenage Brain Surgeon!

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Source: Michel Proost

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Davis, Eddie L. Borderline Teen Age Brain Surgeon
Label shot
Fable (Calif.) F-637-45 1958/Aug. 11
Bb pop rev.
2. Emersons Non-pertinent Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Not listed in RCS
3. Wallace, Joe Pertinent Leopard Man
Label shot
Moon (Tenn.)  304 
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
4. Carr, Tony Non-pertinent Johnny Frankenstein Not listed in RCS
5. Dee, Jimmy [2] Borderline The Monster Hop
Pixie (Ariz.)  7412   
6. Raiders [x] Non-pertinent Raiders From Outer Space Not listed in RCS
7. Round Robin Non-pertinent I'm The Wolf Man
Label shot
Domain (N.Y.)  1424 
(pressed by Monarch)
mx series
8. Vogues Non-pertinent Which Witchdoctor Not listed in RCS
9. Please, Bobby Non-pertinent The Monster
Not listed in RCS
10. Brassets Non-pertinent The House In The Alley Not listed in RCS
11. Coulston, Jerry Pertinent Cave Man Hop
Label shot
Christy (Calif.) C-45-112  1959/Aug. 17
Bb pop rev.
12. Bare, Bobby Pertinent Vampira
Label shot
Jackpot (Calif.)  48010  1958/Sept.
(Bb est.)
13. Jack & Jim Pertinent Midnight Monsters Hop
Label shot
Brunswick (N.Y.) 9-55141  1959/Aug. 31
Bb pop rev.
14. Lyzer, Tony Non-pertinent Six Little Men Not listed in RCS
15. Jack The Ripper Non-pertinent I Was A Teenage Brain Surgeon Not listed in RCS
16. Hollywood Flames Non-pertinent Frankenstein's Den Not listed in RCS
17. Demarco, Billy Non-pertinent Drac's Back Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Michel Proost

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