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Club 023 (LP) (Spain)

Grab This And Dance, Vol. 23

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Tharpe, Chuck Pertinent Long, Long Ponytail
Label shot
Jaro Int. (N.Y.) J-77029  1960/June 13
Bb pop rev.
2. Miller, Buddy Pertinent Honey Baby
Label shot
Eko (Ill.)  401  1959/June
3. Boston, Bobby Pertinent Lazy Daisy
Label shot
Star-Win (Ariz.) 45-7001  Cover shot 1959/Mar.
BMI clear.
4. Shaw, Jim Pertinent Rockin [!!] Bobbin [!!] Teenager
Label shot
Co & Wi (Tenn.) C-115 
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
5. Imps Non-pertinent That'll Get It – (instr.)
Label shot
Do-Ra-Me (Tenn.)  1414  1961/Nov. 13
Bb pop rev.
6. Sabres No rating Gonna Leave
Label shot
Prince (N.C.) PR101-45
(pressed by Kay Bank)
mx date code
7. Vance, Ricky Pertinent Wild Little Willie Not listed in RCS
8. Waters, Wallace No rating Judy
9. Scuderi, Ron Pertinent Swanee River Shake
Label shot
Kimley (Calif.)  924  1962/Dec. 1
Bb pop rev.
10. Reagan, Jimmy Pertinent Lonely, Lonely Heart
Label shot
G&G (Calif.)  128  1959/Apr. 13
Bb pop rev.
11. Owen, Kenny Pertinent Long Lost John
Label shot
Ork (Ark.) #OS-35  1969
mx series
12. Lee, Curtis Pertinent I Never Knew What Love Could Do
Label shot
Hot (Calif.) H-7 
(pressed by Monarch)
mx series
13. Raines, Jerry No rating Barefoot Rock Not listed in RCS
14. Flaharty, Sonny Pertinent My Baby's Casual
Label shot
Spangle (Ohio) 45-2011 
(pressed by King)
1958/Oct. 6
Bb pop rev.
15. Duvall, Huelyn Borderline More Now – (instr.)
[need info]      
16. Hogan, Billy Pertinent Shake It Over Sputnik
Label shot
Vena (Ala.) HC-101 
(pressed by Rite)
1958/Apr. 28
Bb pop rev.
17. Joy, Benny No rating You're A Bundle Of Love
[unissued]     1958-59
18. Lefty & The Leadsmen Non-pertinent Wildwood Fun
Label shot
Go & Ce (Pa.)  103   
19. Smith, Mack Allen Pertinent The Skeleton Fight
Label shot
Statue (Tenn.)  606  1964
(art. est.)
20. Anderson, Andy Pertinent Promise Me
Label shot
Century Ltd. (Miss.) 45-602/3 1960/Oct.
BMI clear.

Acknowledgments:  Udo Frank, Uncle Gil

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