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Collector CLCD4467 (CD) (2001)

Rock 'N' Roll With Piano, Vol. 6

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Source: Rockabilly Ranch

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Dean, Carl Pertinent Wait Till The Sun Comes Down
Label shot
Donna And Russell (loc?)  100  1967
mx series
2. Bartenders No rating Ballad Of Big Otis Not listed in RCS
3. Patterson, Frank No rating My Baby Can Not listed in RCS
4. Ray, Gary No rating What'cha Gonna Do
Label shot
Emerson (Minn.) GE-102   
5. King, Hila No rating Death Valley – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
6. Lamb, Dick No rating The Kilt Twist Not listed in RCS
7. Jones, Chuck No rating   Not listed in RCS
8. Warren, Wes No rating That's Alright Mama Not listed in RCS
9. Soffos, Phil No rating Rock All Night Not listed in RCS
10. Lynn, Mickey No rating Want-Ad For You Not listed in RCS
11. Monte, Vinnie No rating Naughty Naughty Baby
Label shot
Fargo (N.Y.) LF-1000  1958/Jan.
12. London, Paul Non-pertinent Rosie Lee
Label shot
Fascination (Mich.) F-1007  1960/Mar.
mx series
13. Diamond, Danny No rating The Badman
Label shot
Irvanne (Calif.)  115   
14. Kelly, Mike No rating Heart Breaker & A Leaver
Label shot
Modern Sound (N.Y.)  6907  1958/Sept. 15
Bb pop rev.
15. Cookie & Charley No rating Let's Go Rock And Roll
Label shot
Jeff (N.Y.)  1212 
(pressed by Capitol)
Cap. mx code
16. Smith, Herbie Pertinent So Wild Over You
Label shot
Sand (Calif.) 45-275  1958/Nov.
(Bb est.)
17. Gray, Joyce Borderline I'm Confused
Label shot
Rose Beth (N.C.)  78500/1 1959/Aug. 24
Bb pop rev.
18. Doell, Jerry Pertinent Tree Top [alt. vers.] [unissued]      
19. Spacemen No rating Smokey – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
20. Dean, Carl No rating Jenny Jenny
[live recording]      
21. Buchanan, Art No rating Time Will Tell [alt. vers.] [unissued]      
22. Bush, Johnny Pertinent Your Kind Of Love
Label shot
Allstar (Texas)  7172 
(pressed by RCA)
1958/Nov. 3
Bb pop rev.
23. Tilton Sisters Pertinent Bird Dog
Label shot
Bertram Int. (Hawaii) 45-224  1962/Oct. or later
(Bb est.)
24. Unknown artist No rating Pinball Boogie Not listed in RCS
25. Everett, Kenny No rating What Is It Not listed in RCS
26. Carlson, Dave No rating Dave's Blues – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
27. Bennett, Rick No rating Go On Home Not listed in RCS
28. Waters, Wallace No rating Good Better Best [live vers.]
[live recording]      
29. Chester & Ruby No rating I've Got A Notion Not listed in RCS
30. Dean, Carl No rating Go Go Go (Johnny Go)
[live recording]      

Acknowledgments:  Kurt Krauter, Rockabilly Ranch

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