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Sun (U.S.) SUN-1033 (LP) (United States, 1988)

Rockin' Records, [Vol. 2]

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. London, Johnny No rating Flat Tire Not listed in RCS
2. Brooks, Dusty No rating Tears And Wine Not listed in RCS
3. Gunter, Hardrock No rating Fallen Angel
Label shot
Sun (Tenn.)  201  1954/May 29
Bb c&w rev.
4. Taylor, Bill Non-pertinent Split Personality
Label shot
Flip (Tenn.)  502  1955/Mar. 19
Bb c&w rev.
5. Guitar Red No rating Go Ahead On Not listed in RCS
6. Williams, Red No rating I'm Losing You Not listed in RCS
7. Burgess, Sonny Pertinent We Wanna Boogie
Label shot
Sun (Tenn.)  247  1956/Sept. 1
Bb c&w rev.
8. Blake, Tommy Pertinent Flat Foot Sam
Label shot
Sun (Tenn.)  278  1957/Aug.
(Bb est.)
9. Lewis, Jerry Lee Pertinent Great Balls Of Fire
Label shot
Sun (Tenn.)  281  Cover shot 1957/Nov. 11
Bb pop rev.
10. Lewis, Jerry Lee Pertinent High School Confidential
Label shot
Sun (Tenn.)  296  Cover shot 1958/May 19
Bb pop rev.
11. Four Dukes No rating Walking Alone Not listed in RCS
12. Simmons, Gene Pertinent Peroxide Blonde And A Hopped Up Model Ford
Sun (Tenn.)      
13. Barton, Ernie Pertinent Raining The Blues
Label shot
Phillips Int. (Tenn.)  3528  1958/July 21
Bb c&w rev.
14. Jesters [x] Non-pertinent Cadillac Man Not listed in RCS
15. Anderson, Brother James No rating I'm Gonna Move In The Room With The Lord Not listed in RCS
16. Load of Mischief No rating I'm A Lover Not listed in RCS

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