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Cactus CD5001 (CD) (United States, 2003)

Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 2

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Source: Rockabilly Ranch

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Thompson, Jimmy No rating Big Deal Not listed in RCS
2. Wimberley, Bill No rating Springfield Guitar Social Not listed in RCS
3. Willet, Slim No rating Come Sundown
Label shot
4 Star (Calif.) EPF-501   
4. Ragsdale, Johnny No rating Engineer's Song Not listed in RCS
5. Briggs, Billy No rating Sissy Song Not listed in RCS
6. Kilgore, Merle No rating Seeing Double, Feeling Single Not listed in RCS
7. Grove, Bobby No rating I Saw Her First Not listed in RCS
8. Davis, Gene No rating Ride Not listed in RCS
9. Anderson, Ray No rating Living Too Fast Admiral Not listed in RCS
10. Barton, Billy No rating Pardon Me, Old Buddy Not listed in RCS
11. Crawford, Fred No rating I Just Need Some Lovin'
Label shot
Starday (Tenn.)  170  1955/Feb. 19
Bb c&w rev.
12. Osborne, Jimmie No rating You Can't Sometimes.... Not listed in RCS
13. Burns, Sonny No rating Another Woman Looking For A Man Not listed in RCS
14. Wright, Earl No rating Married Man Blues
Label shot
Cutt-Rite (Texas) CR0326/ 100
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
15. Ford, Jack No rating That's All You Gotta Do Not listed in RCS
16. Hammons, Jack No rating Mr. Cupid Not listed in RCS
17. Touchton, Peck No rating You've Changed Your Tune Not listed in RCS
18. Tennessee Drifters Non-pertinent Boogie Woogie Baby
Label shot
Dot (Calif.)  1166  1953/May 9
Bb c&w rev.
19. Grove, Bobby Pertinent Whistle Of The Gravy Train
Label shot
King (Ohio) 45-5007  1957/Jan. 12
Bb c&w rev.
20. West, Ted No rating Parkin' Worries Not listed in RCS
21. Rogers, Weldon No rating Women Drivers
Label shot
Jewel (Texas) 45-104  1959/Apr. 13
Bb pop rev.
22. Tucker, Les No rating Wrong Kinda Lovin' Not listed in RCS
23. Tyler, Johnny Borderline Devil's Hot Rod
Label shot
Ekko (Calif.) 45-EK-1000  1955/Mar. 26
Bb c&w rev.
24. O'Gwynn, James Non-pertinent Ready For Freddy
Label shot
Azalea (Texas) 45-106 
(pressed by King)
1956/Jan. 28
Bb c&w rev.
25. McDonald, Rusty No rating Name, Address & Phone Number Not listed in RCS
26. Smith, Jimmy No rating First Choice Not listed in RCS
27. Scott, Tommy No rating Tennessee Not listed in RCS
28. Ballard, Jimmy No rating The Creek's Gone Muddy Not listed in RCS
29. Millet, Lou Non-pertinent My In Laws Made An Outlaw Out Of Me
Label shot
Ace (Miss.)  510  1955/Oct.
(Bb est.)
30. Tutt, Bill No rating Talking Blues #2 Not listed in RCS
31. Turner Brothers No rating Boog-Boog Boogie Not listed in RCS
32. Wiseman, Mac No rating Wildfire Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Dean Craige Morris, Rockabilly Ranch

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