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Cactus CD5005 (CD) (United States, 2004)

Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 6

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Source: Uncle Gil's Rockin' Archives

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Osborne, Jimmy No rating Automobile Baby Not listed in RCS
2. Crawford, Fred No rating You Gotta Wait
Label shot
Starday (Tenn.)  170  1955/Feb. 19
Bb c&w rev.
3. Trailblazers No rating Keep Your Motor Hot Not listed in RCS
4. Morris, Rod Borderline Alabama Jail House
Label shot
Ludwig (Calif.) E-1364/5 1957 or earlier
(mx est.)
5. Husky, Ferlin No rating I'll Baby Sit With You
Label shot
Capitol (Calif.) F3097  1955/Apr. 9
Bb c&w rev.
6. McCormick Brothers No rating Big Eyes
Label shot
Hickory (Tenn.) 45-1080  1958/June 2
Bb c&w rev.
7. Harris, Roy No rating South Of San Antonio Not listed in RCS
8. Cardwell, Jack No rating There's A Train Leaving (Every 15 Minutes) Not listed in RCS
9. Briggs, Billy No rating Coyote Song Not listed in RCS
10. Boggs, Lucky Borderline You Can't Stop Her
Label shot
Buddy (Texas) B-110  1957/July 1
Bb c&w rev.
11. McDonald, Skeets No rating Scoot, Git And Begone Not listed in RCS
12. Evans, Frank Borderline The Ain't Got Blues
Label shot
Starday (reg.) (Tenn.) 45-719 
(Starday PD series)
1958/June 30
Bb c&w rev.
13. Short, Jimmy No rating Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby Not listed in RCS
14. Patterson, Pat No rating Mister Hillbilly Not listed in RCS
15. Paul, Marvin No rating Gamblin' Woman Not listed in RCS
16. King, Bob No rating No Parking Here
Label shot
Rodeo (Canada) 45-RO.226  Cover shot 1959/Aug.
BMI clear.
17. Crabtree, Riley No rating Try Me Not listed in RCS
18. Lillpop, Bill No rating One Eyed Sal Not listed in RCS
19. Fell, Terry No rating You Don't Give A Hang About Me Not listed in RCS
20. Waldon, Cliff Non-pertinent My Baby Doll
Label shot
Mark (N.Y.) C107 
(pressed by RCA)
1957/Sept. 2
Bb c&w rev.
21. Delmore Brothers No rating Steamboat Bill Boogie Not listed in RCS
22. Hogsed, Roy No rating Ain't A Bump In The Road Not listed in RCS
23. Scott, Tommy No rating Freckle Faced Girl Not listed in RCS
24. Barnett, Billy No rating Tired Of Your Honky Tonk Love Not listed in RCS
25. Bonn, Skeeter No rating Chained Not listed in RCS
26. Terry, Gordon No rating Service With A Smile Not listed in RCS
27. Wiseman, Mac No rating I'm Eatin High On A Hog Not listed in RCS
28. Jones, Ann No rating Monkey Business Not listed in RCS
29. Oklahoma Wranglers No rating Warm Beer And A Cold, Cold Woman Not listed in RCS
30. Roberts, Bobby Non-pertinent I'm Gonna Comb You Outta My Hair
Label shot
King (Ohio) 45-4837  1955/Nov. 5
Bb c&w rev.
31. Perkins, Red No rating Hoe Down Boogie Not listed in RCS
32. Bowers, Chuck No rating Tokyo Boogie Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Dean Craige Morris, Uncle Gil

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