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Collector CLCD4486 (CD) (Netherlands, 2005)

We Two Rock

Cover image
Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Grissom, Leon No rating Goodbye Sweet Love Not listed in RCS
2. Huskey, Johnny Pertinent Red Dress
Label shot
Teen (Texas)  1004-45  
3. Williams, Don Pertinent We Two Rock
Label shot
Rookie (loc?) R-101 
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
4. Cass, Bob Pertinent Corvette Baby
Label shot
RBC (Fla.)  100  1959/June
5. Raynor, J.C. Borderline Just One You For Me
Decca (N.Y.)  31726  1965
(Bb est.)
6. Johnny & The Uncalled For No rating Shortnin' Bread Not listed in RCS
7. May, J.R. No rating I've Been Praying Not listed in RCS
8. Middleton, Gary Pertinent Pretty Please
Label shot
Harlem (Texas)  102   
9. Cann, Dupree No rating Mean Ole Daddy
Label shot
Duel (Tenn.) 603Q-4681 
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
10. Champs No rating Drag Strip Not listed in RCS
11. Williams, Buzz Pertinent Blue Suede Shoes
Label shot
Worthmore (Ohio)  185  1956
mx series
12. Martin, Leroy No rating Keen Teen Baby
Label shot
Delta (La.: Thibodaux) 45-705 
(Starday PD series)
(pressed by Rite)
BMI clear.
13. Giant, Ethan Borderline Where's My Baby
Label shot
Mark (N.Y.) M-141  1959/Feb. 9
Bb pop rev.
14. Little Mojo No rating Mojo Theme Not listed in RCS
15. Melotones No rating Vibrations Not listed in RCS
16. Turner, James No rating I've Been Made A Fool Not listed in RCS
17. Spears, Russell Non-pertinent Beggin' Time
Label shot
Yolk (Ind.) NR128 
(pressed by Rite)
mx series
18. Gary & The Detonators No rating I Wanna Dance Not listed in RCS
19. Howell, Ken No rating What's Her Name Not listed in RCS
20. White, Whitey No rating Hillbilly Surfer Big Al (Calif.)  703   
21. Missels No rating Swanee River Rock Not listed in RCS
22. Corbin, Mary No rating Musical Chairs Not listed in RCS
23. Thompson, Chuck No rating I'm Tired Of Fooling Around
Label shot
Granite (loc?) G561 
(pressed by Rite)
mx series
24. Miller, Terry No rating Teen Twist Not listed in RCS
25. Avak, George Borderline Lindy Lou
Label shot
Cinatone (Tenn.) CT-501   
26. White, Whitey No rating Maggie Not listed in RCS
27. Billy With The Fabulous Echoes No rating Road Runner Not listed in RCS
28. T-J's Pertinent Party-Party
Label shot
Lindy (Wisc.) KB740 
(pressed by Kay Bank)
1958/June 2
Bb pop rev.
29. Richie & The Reknowns No rating That's What You're Doin' To Me Not listed in RCS
30. Reknowns No rating Rockin' And Rehearsing Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Udo Frank, Kurt Krauter

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