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Centhy 2004 (CD) (Sweden)

Tip Top Teeny, Vol. 4

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Leslie, John No rating Fortune Teller
Label shot
ABC-Paramount (N.Y.) 45-9666  1956/Feb. or earlier
(Bb est.)
2. Oncomers No rating Every Day Now Not listed in RCS
3. Burk, Tommy No rating You'll Feel It Too Not listed in RCS
4. Felts, Narvel No rating I Swear By Stars Above
Label shot
Starline (Mich.)  1002  1962/Sept.
(Bb est.)
5. Hart, Rocky No rating Crying
Label shot
Bigtop (N.Y.) 45-3069  1961/May
(Bb est.)
6. Beau-K No rating Packin' Up Not listed in RCS
7. Myre, Jimmy No rating Needless To Say Not listed in RCS
8. Robbins, Clay No rating Angel Lips And Devil Eyes Not listed in RCS
9. Duncan, Lanny No rating Thank You For Your Love Not listed in RCS
10. Robin, Richie No rating Sugar Love Not listed in RCS
11. Turner, Leon No rating That's The Reason Not listed in RCS
12. Wendom, Scotty No rating Roialeia Not listed in RCS
13. Brock, Bill Borderline Pencil, Paper And A Broken Heart
Label shot
Sampson (Tenn.)  1081 
(pressed by Southern)
1964/Feb. 1
Bb c&w rev.
14. Nelson, Bobby [x] No rating Your Letter Not listed in RCS
15. Adams, Ritchie No rating I Got Eyes Not listed in RCS
16. Tubb, Justin No rating Here I Sit A-Waitin' Not listed in RCS
17. Turner, Dennis No rating Roll On Not listed in RCS
18. Grogan, Toby No rating Angel Not listed in RCS
19. Staudt, Bernie No rating It's Too Bad For Me Not listed in RCS
20. Solley, Jim No rating Somewhere My Lover
Label shot
Luboc (Texas) LR-3353 
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
21. Fanning, Jay Borderline Baby Baby
Label shot
Acme (Ky.)  2033/4 1961
(Bb est.)
22. Dallas, Jimmy No rating Hurtin' In My Heart Not listed in RCS
23. Welch, Timmy No rating Sweet And Innocent Not listed in RCS
24. Dante [x] No rating The Magic Ring Not listed in RCS
25. Ives, Jimmy No rating My Tumbling Heart Not listed in RCS
26. Hart, Rocky No rating Baby You've Got It Made
Label shot
Bigtop (N.Y.) 45-3069  1961/May
(Bb est.)
27. Marci & The Mates No rating Shall I Tell Him You're Not Here Not listed in RCS
28. Morgan, Bill Non-pertinent Tennessee Moon
Label shot
Gem (Texas)  5   

Acknowledgments:  Udo Frank

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