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Cactus CD5007 (CD) (United States)

Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 8

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Source: Uncle Gil's Rockin' Archives

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Roberts, Kenny No rating Hillbilly Style Not listed in RCS
2. Bonds, Lee No rating I'm Lookin' For Some Lovin' Not listed in RCS
3. Edwards, Tibby No rating You Made A Believer Out Of Me Not listed in RCS
4. Atcher, Randy No rating Why Look For Sugar Not listed in RCS
5. Riddle, Ricky No rating Steamboat Boogie Not listed in RCS
6. Carter, Bill No rating You Ain't Got My Address
Label shot
Republic (Tenn.)  7126-F
(pressed by RCA)
1956/Mar. 24
Bb c&w rev.
7. Pennington, Ray No rating Fancy Free
Label shot
Ruby (Ohio) RU290 
(pressed by RCA)
1957/Feb. 9
Bb c&w rev.
8. Lavon, Del Pertinent The Rockin' Chair Roll
Label shot
Cavalier (Calif.)  870  1956/Nov. 10
Bb c&w rev.
9. Logsdon, Jimmie No rating I'm Going Back To Tennessee Not listed in RCS
10. McDaniel, Luke Non-pertinent I Can't Go
Label shot
King (Ohio) 45-1276  1953/Nov. 21
Bb c&w rev.
11. Wills, Billy Jack No rating Hey Lula Not listed in RCS
12. Titus, Bud Non-pertinent Hocus Pocus
Label shot
Sage (Calif.) 45-244 
(pressed by Rite)
(Bb est.)
13. Hill, Lucky No rating Fickle Baby
Label shot
Starday (reg.) (Tenn.) 45-622 
(Starday PD series)
1957/Apr. 29
Bb c&w rev.
14. Skinner, Jimmie Non-pertinent I'm Allergic To Your Kisses
Label shot
Decca (N.Y.) 9-28910  1953/Nov. 7
Bb c&w rev.
15. Hawkins, Hawkshaw Pertinent Waitin' For My Baby (Rock Rock)
Label shot
RCA Victor (N.J.) 47-5623  1954/Feb. 20
Bb c&w rev.
16. Brown, Kenny Non-pertinent Throw A Little Wood On The Fire
Not listed in RCS
17. Burns, Sonny No rating Satan's A Waitin' Not listed in RCS
18. Johnson, Jimmy No rating Mama Loves Papa Not listed in RCS
19. Lee, Kenny No rating You Ring A Bell With Me Not listed in RCS
20. Atcher, Randy No rating You're A Living Doll Not listed in RCS
21. Burris, Neal No rating Please Excuse My Manners Not listed in RCS
22. Songer, Earl No rating Mother In Law Boogie Not listed in RCS
23. King, Claude No rating Got The World By The Tail Not listed in RCS
24. Jackson, Shot No rating I'm Trading You In On A Later Model Not listed in RCS
25. Wooley, Sheb Borderline Humdinger
Label shot
MGM (N.Y.) K12114  1955/Nov. 12
Bb c&w rev.
26. Morris, Rod No rating Is There Any More At Home Like You? Not listed in RCS
27. Briggs, Billy No rating Female Shuffle Not listed in RCS
28. Chambers, Les No rating Give Me A Little More Not listed in RCS
29. Thompson, Hank No rating Cryin' In The Deep Blue Sea Not listed in RCS
30. Noack, Eddie No rating Take It Away Lucky Not listed in RCS
31. Perkins, Red No rating One At A Time Not listed in RCS
32. Lay, Slim No rating Trouble Along The Cable Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Mark Lee Allen, Uncle Gil

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