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Buzz 1001 (CD)

Wisconsin Teeners

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Perrone, Dino No rating A Kiss And A Ring Not listed in RCS
2. Dean, Bobby No rating Dreaming My Life Away Not listed in RCS
3. Holiday, Chico Non-pertinent I Believe, I Believe
Label shot
RCA Victor (N.J.) 47-7621  1959/Oct.
(Bb est.)
4. Craig, Vilas No rating It's All Over
Label shot
International Artists (Wisc.) J-6335  1963
rel. no. code
5. Merlin, Jack No rating Mechanical Man Not listed in RCS
6. Dubatts, Rose No rating Signals From Saturn Not listed in RCS
7. Craig, Vilas Non-pertinent Little Miss Brown Eyes
Label shot
Fan Jr. (Wisc.)  1706   
8. Minikel, Mike No rating Pretty One Not listed in RCS
9. Craig, Vilas Non-pertinent You Know How
Label shot
International Artists (Wisc.) J-2120  1960/Sept. 12
Bb pop rev.
10. Vigilantes No rating Someday Not listed in RCS
11. Merlin, Jack No rating My Debbie Not listed in RCS
12. Lane, Tommy No rating My Bobby Sox Queen Not listed in RCS
13. Craig, Vilas Borderline My Heart
Label shot
Rif (loc?) R-2118/9 1960/Aug. or earlier
(Bb est.)
14. Lynn, Robby No rating The Angel You Sent Me Not listed in RCS
15. Lynn, Robby No rating She'll Never Be Back Not listed in RCS
16. Wanted No rating Tribute To B.G. Not listed in RCS
17. Holiday, Chico No rating Young Ideas Not listed in RCS
18. Jaye, Mary No rating Walk A Little Longer Not listed in RCS
19. Craig, Vilas Borderline Walkin' Down The Avenue
Label shot
Fan Jr. (Wisc.)  4729 
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
20. Perrone, Dino No rating When Boy Meets Girl Not listed in RCS
21. Roberts, Renee No rating I Want To Love You Not listed in RCS
22. Holiday, Chico No rating Lonely Cinderella Not listed in RCS
23. Merlin, Jack No rating I Beat The Blues
Label shot
Dot (Calif.) 45-16332  1962/Apr.
(Bb est.)
24. Devrons No rating Unnoticed Not listed in RCS
25. Dowd, Larry Pertinent Forbidden Love
Label shot
Spinning (Ill.) HM-6004  1959/Aug. 3
Bb pop rev.
26. Holiday, Chico No rating Cuckoo Girl Not listed in RCS
27. Williams, Sonny Non-pertinent Bye Bye Baby Goodbye
Label shot
Coin (Ill.) 45-1502  1959/Aug. 10
Bb pop rev.
28. Merlin, Jack No rating Drip Drop Shala La Blues Not listed in RCS
29. Starfire [x] No rating Gloria Not listed in RCS
30. Holiday, Chico No rating Your Kid Sister Not listed in RCS
31. Sperry, Steve Pertinent That Ain't So
Label shot
Cuca (Wisc.) J-1008 
(pressed by RCA)
1960/Aug. 29
Bb pop rev.

Acknowledgments:  Udo Frank

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