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Collector CLCD4550 (CD) (Netherlands)

41 Years Collector Records (40 Was Not Enough)

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Source: No Hit Records

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Hendrix, Al No rating Ethalene Not listed in RCS
2. Olive, Monty No rating Sitting On Top Of The World Not listed in RCS
3. Wilbanks, Roger No rating She's Got Another Ride Not listed in RCS
4. Zapata, Rufino No rating Baby I Go Crazy Not listed in RCS
5. Dixie Rebels No rating Evacuation Not listed in RCS
6. Senn, Tony Pertinent The King's Comin' Home McDowell (Ala.) MS-683 
(pressed by Rite)
mx series
7. Avery & The Country Boys Pertinent Grandpa's Twist
Label shot
JAM (Tenn.) #903  1970/Nov.
BMI clear.
8. Walker, Van No rating The Crawl
Label shot
Fore (loc?) F-42   
9. Lollar, Bobby Pertinent Bad Bad Boy
Label shot
Benton (Tenn.) B-101/2
(Starday PD series)
(art. est.)
10. Green, Joyce Pertinent Black Cadillac
Label shot
Vaden (Ark.) 45-112 
(pressed by King)
11. Netherton, Fred No rating I Can't Get It Off My Mind Not listed in RCS
12. Cubs No rating Ram Charger Not listed in RCS
13. Morvan, Ricky No rating Little Woman Not listed in RCS
14. Unknown artist No rating Shimmy Shake Not listed in RCS
15. Lee, Wibby No rating Inflation Blues
Label shot
Jalyn (Ohio) 45-1001  Cover shot
(pressed by Rite)
mx series
16. Taylor, Eddie No rating Gonna Be Long Gone Not listed in RCS
17. Rivers, Dusty No rating Wheelwright Boogie Not listed in RCS
18. Nelson, Ricky No rating You Got Me Gone Not listed in RCS
19. Olive, Monty No rating Old Black Joe Not listed in RCS
20. Thompson, Junior Pertinent Jungle Girl
Label shot
JJ's (Ala.)  001 
(pressed by Southern)
mx series
21. Prater, Walt No rating Flat River Mail Train Not listed in RCS
22. Morgan, Rocky No rating Wolf Whistle Baby
Label shot
Pic (loc?)  907   
23. Daye, Johnny No rating Wait A Minute Baby Not listed in RCS
24. Morvan, Ricky No rating Bey Bey Baby Not listed in RCS
25. Dixie Rebels No rating Five Sticks Of Dynamite Not listed in RCS
26. Wyatt, Gene Pertinent Little Girl [vers. 1]
27. John J. No rating Shotgun Weddin' Not listed in RCS
28. Powell, Miss Lois No rating Woo-Ee-Baby Not listed in RCS
29. McGinnis, Wayne No rating Rock, Roll And Rhythm [alt. vers.] [unissued]      
30. McGinnis, Wayne No rating Lonesome Rhythm Blues [alt. vers.] [unissued]      
31. Scutt, Cyril No rating Powerhouse Boogie Woogie Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  No Hit Records, Alexander Petrauskas

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