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Pan American 56035 (CD) (Switzerland, 2008)

A Good Lookin' Blonde

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Source: Bim-Bam Records

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Young, Faron Non-pertinent Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young
Label shot
Capitol (Calif.) F3056  1955/Feb. 26
Bb c&w rev.
2. Otis, Johnny No rating Good Golly Not listed in RCS
3. Blake, Tommy Pertinent Lordy Hoody
Label shot
Sun (Tenn.)  278  1957/Aug.
(Bb est.)
4. Little Richard No rating Ready Teddy Not listed in RCS
5. Pedicin, Mike No rating The Banjo Rock Not listed in RCS
6. Nu-Tones No rating Jump Figaro, Jump Not listed in RCS
7. Charms [x] No rating Ling Ting Tong Not listed in RCS
8. Long, Shorty Pertinent Hey, Doll Baby
Label shot
RCA Victor (N.J.) 47-6472  1956/Mar. 31
Bb pop rev.
9. Mr. Sad Head No rating Sad Head Blues Not listed in RCS
10. Charles, Ray No rating Mess Around Not listed in RCS
11. Hargrave, Ron Borderline Latch On
Label shot
MGM (N.Y.) K12422  1957/Feb. 9
Bb pop rev.
12. Martin, Frank No rating Come Back Baby Not listed in RCS
13. Roubian, Bob No rating Gonna Marry That Girl Not listed in RCS
14. Daley, Jim No rating Rock Pretty Baby Not listed in RCS
15. Baker, LaVerne No rating St. Louis Blues Not listed in RCS
16. Little Booker No rating Open The Door Not listed in RCS
17. Rockin' Chairs Borderline Rockin' Chair Boogie
Label shot
Recorte (N.Y.) 45-402  1958/May 19
Bb pop rev.
18. Bernard, Rod Borderline Pardon Mr. Gordon
Label shot
Argo (Ill.)  5327  1959/Feb. 16
Bb pop rev.
19. Dowd, Larry Pertinent Pink Cadillac
Label shot
Spinning (Ill.) HM6009  1959/June 8
Bb pop rev.
20. Smith, Ray [2] Pertinent Right Behind You Baby
Label shot
Sun (Tenn.)  298  1958/June 16
Bb pop rev.
21. Hall, Rene No rating Twitchy Not listed in RCS
22. Arnold, Eddy No rating A Good Lookin' Blonde Not listed in RCS
23. Prysock, Red No rating Finger Tips Not listed in RCS
24. Spiders [2] No rating I Didn't Want To Do It Not listed in RCS
25. Haley, Bill Pertinent Rock The Joint
Label shot
Essex (Pa.)  303  1952/Apr. 26
Bb c&w rev.
26. Gore, Charlie Pertinent Somebody's Been
Label shot
King (Ohio) 45-4908  1956/Apr. 7
Bb c&w rev.

Acknowledgments:  Bim-Bam Records

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