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Yeaah! CD505 (CD)

Teen Town USA, Vol. 5

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Kall, Richie No rating King Lover Not listed in RCS
2. Naylor, Jerry No rating Stop Your Crying Not listed in RCS
3. Gates, David No rating Jo-Baby
Label shot
Mala (N.Y.)  427  1961/Mar. 20
Bb pop rev.
4. Crescendos No rating I'm So Ashamed Not listed in RCS
5. Torquays No rating Pineapple Moon Not listed in RCS
6. Parks, Sonny No rating Raindrops On A River Not listed in RCS
7. Billy & The Stenotones No rating My Prayer Not listed in RCS
8. Brooks, Joey No rating Little Girl Not listed in RCS
9. Vaughn, Sammy No rating Always Be Mine
Label shot
Stardom (La.) CS-0012  1961/Aug. 14
Bb pop rev.
10. Fanning, Jay Borderline Baby Baby
Label shot
Acme (Ky.)  2033/4 1961
(Bb est.)
11. O'Conner, Keith No rating Cindy Lou Not listed in RCS
12. Tod, Joey No rating Lonely Nights Not listed in RCS
13. Dodds, Nella No rating Come See About Me Not listed in RCS
14. Davis, Ken No rating Come Again Not listed in RCS
15. Montgomery, Gene No rating I Gotta Do The Latest Dance Not listed in RCS
16. Choir [x] No rating It's Cold Outside Not listed in RCS
17. Enchanters [x] No rating I Lied To My Heart Not listed in RCS
18. Mizzell, Bobby Borderline Same Thing
Label shot
20th Fox (N.Y.) 45-160  1959/Sept.
(Bb est.)
19. Deuer, Danny No rating Image of Love Not listed in RCS
20. Tex & The Chex No rating I Do Love You Not listed in RCS
21. LaRue, J.R. No rating I Know Better Not listed in RCS
22. Surbey, Patty No rating Hey Boy! Not listed in RCS
23. Wilson, Sonny Pertinent I Ain't Giving Up Nothin'
Label shot
Candix (Calif.)  327  1961/Nov.
(Bb est.)
24. Joyce & The Privateers No rating Honor Roll Of Love Not listed in RCS
25. Fontaine, Eddie Pertinent Goodness, It's Gladys!
Label shot
Chancellor (Pa.) 45-C-1018  1958/June 2
Bb pop rev.
26. Enis No rating Baby Goodbye Not listed in RCS
27. Johnny & Stan No rating Don't Let It Happen (To You)
Label shot
Ko-Mat (D.C.) KM 45-2001  1961/Apr. 24
Bb pop rev.
28. Comstock, Bobby Non-pertinent Just A Piece Of Paper
Label shot
Festival (N.Y.) 45-25000  1961/Sept. 18
Bb pop rev.
29. Quinn-Teens No rating I Hurt So Not listed in RCS
30. Meng, Jimmy No rating Drive-In Show Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Udo Frank

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