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Yeaah! CD506 (CD)

Teen Town USA, Vol. 6

Cover image
Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Buddy & The Hearts No rating Let It Rock
Label shot
Landa (loc?)  701  1964/Sept.
on label or cover
2. Flaharty, Sonny Pertinent My Baby's Casual
Label shot
Spangle (Ohio) 45-2011 
(pressed by King)
1958/Oct. 6
Bb pop rev.
3. Fairlanes Borderline Little Girl, Little Girl
Label shot
Argo (Ill.)  5357  1960/Feb. 1
Bb pop rev.
4. Flaharty, Sonny Pertinent Mystery Of Love
Label shot
Huron (Ohio) 45-22004 
(pressed by King)
1961/Oct. 2
Bb pop rev.
5. Rivers, Johnny Pertinent Answer Me, My Love
Label shot
MGM (N.Y.) K13266  1964/July
(Bb est.)
6. Rick & The Legends No rating The Diary of a Teenage Bride Not listed in RCS
7. Molittieri, Pat No rating The USA Not listed in RCS
8. Ashley, Del No rating There's A Heaven
Label shot
Manchester (Calif.) RW-101   
9. Arnel, Ginny No rating Tribute To You Not listed in RCS
10. Torquays No rating While I'm Away Not listed in RCS
11. Cecil & Ann No rating You Wrote This Letter Not listed in RCS
12. Fanning, Jay Pertinent This Green Earth
Label shot
Acme (Ky.)  2031  1961/Jan. 16
Bb pop rev.
13. Scott Brothers No rating Do You Want My Love Not listed in RCS
14. Ardells Borderline Every Little Day Of The Week
Label shot
Marco (N.Y.)  102  1961 or earlier
(Bb est.)
15. Moose & The Pelicans No rating He's A Rebel Not listed in RCS
16. Landis, Jerry Non-pertinent Just A Boy
Label shot
Warwick (N.Y.) M552  1960/June
(Bb est.)
17. Bob & Jerry No rating We're The Guys Not listed in RCS
18. Criterions No rating You Just You Not listed in RCS
19. Parker, Larry No rating Till The End Not listed in RCS
20. Bellus, Tony No rating Give Me A Heart Not listed in RCS
21. Voyagers No rating I Never Loved Anyone Not listed in RCS
22. Starr, Andy Borderline Me And The Fool
Label shot
Lin (Texas)  5033-45
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
23. James, Billy No rating Phyllis Not listed in RCS
24. Campbell, Dick Pertinent She's My Girl
Label shot
Great (Mass.) 45-4703-V 1963/May 25
Bb pop rev.
25. King Tones No rating Don't Come Around Not listed in RCS
26. Sink, Earl No rating Look For Me Not listed in RCS
27. Bailey, Diane No rating Leave Jimmy Alone Not listed in RCS
28. Trashmen No rating Keep Your Hands Off My Baby Not listed in RCS
29. Palisades No rating I Can't Quit Not listed in RCS
30. Cavell, Marc Non-pertinent Hide And Seek
Label shot
Candix (Calif.)  322  1961-62
(Bb est.)

Acknowledgments:  Udo Frank

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