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Yeaah! CD507 (CD)

Teen Town USA, Vol. 7

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Jim, Jeff, & Jan No rating Star Bright Not listed in RCS
2. Lee, Curtis No rating With All My Heart (I Love You)
Label shot
Warrior (Calif.) W-1555  1959/June or later
(Bb est.)
3. Conway, Russ No rating Let This Be The Night Not listed in RCS
4. Trashmen No rating Lost Angel Not listed in RCS
5. Darvell, Barry No rating Run Little Billy
Label shot
Colt 45 (D.C.) 45-301  1963/Aug. 3
Bb pop rev.
6. Valiants [2] No rating Lover, Lover Not listed in RCS
7. Davis, Ken Pertinent Oh So Blue
Label shot
Badger (Wisc.)  252  1959 or later
(Bb est.)
8. Ecuadors No rating Say You'll Be Mine Not listed in RCS
9. Washington, Roger No rating Unless You Let Me Not listed in RCS
10. Wilson, Phil No rating Wishin' On A Rainbow Not listed in RCS
11. Don & Eddie No rating You Fool You Not listed in RCS
12. Carroll, Andrea No rating The Doolang Not listed in RCS
13. Preston, Johnny Borderline This Little Bitty Tear (It's Gonna Dry)
Label shot
Imperial (Calif.)  5924  1963/Feb. 23
Bb pop rev.
14. Franklin, Roy Pertinent Summer Sweetheart
Label shot
Empire (D.C.) 45-502/3
(pressed by Capitol)
Cap. mx code
15. Covell, Marc No rating I See It Not listed in RCS
16. Warren, Randy No rating Dream Girl Not listed in RCS
17. Pixies No rating Cry Like A Baby Not listed in RCS
18. Cruise, Johnny No rating Classroom Gossip Not listed in RCS
19. Du'Ambra, Joey Pertinent Baby Sue
Label shot
ABC-Paramount (N.Y.) 45-9917  1958/May 5
Bb pop rev.
20. Bland, Billy No rating Can't Stop Her From Dancing Not listed in RCS
21. Bob & Justine No rating Drive-In Movie Not listed in RCS
22. Legends Pertinent I Wish I Knew
Label shot
Ermine (Ill.) E-43  Cover shot 1962/Dec.
mx series
23. Denton, Bobby No rating I'll Always Be Yours
Label shot
Judd (Ala.) J-1013  1959/Aug. 24
Bb pop rev.
24. Petite Teens No rating My Singing Idol Not listed in RCS
25. Fowler, Ken No rating Payday Not listed in RCS
26. Everett, Vince [2] Pertinent Stay Right Here
Label shot
Saga (D.C.)  1002  1959/Nov.
BMI clear.
27. Terry & The Kittens No rating Wedding Bells Not listed in RCS
28. Astronauts Borderline Come Along Baby
Label shot
Palladium (N.Y.) B610 
(pressed by RCA)
1961/May 22
Bb pop rev.
29. Bea & Dee No rating Wishing Time Not listed in RCS
30. Cavell, Marc No rating I Didn't Lie Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Udo Frank

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