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Yeaah! CD510 (CD)

Teen Town USA, Vol. 10

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Lewis, Wally Pertinent White Bobby Socks
Label shot
Dot (Calif.) 45-15763  1958/May 31
CB c&w rev.
2. Vickery, Mack No rating Meant To Be
Label shot
Gone (N.Y.)  5075  1959/Sept.
(Bb est.)
3. Keene, Bobby No rating Move Over Angels Not listed in RCS
4. Fury, Billy No rating A King For Tonight Not listed in RCS
5. Charles, Buddy No rating A Soldier's Prayer Not listed in RCS
6. Darlin, Florraine No rating I'll Take You Back Again Not listed in RCS
7. Lee, Bobby No rating Little Flame Not listed in RCS
8. Wiggins, Wally Borderline Maybe Someday
Label shot
Mercury (Ill.)  71645X45 1960/June 20
Bb pop rev.
9. Beach, Freddy No rating What A Dreamer Not listed in RCS
10. Kay, Tammy No rating I Need You Now Not listed in RCS
11. Randolph, Dean No rating False Love Not listed in RCS
12. T-Shirts No rating Warmer Than Wine Not listed in RCS
13. Marci & Mates No rating Shall I Tell Him You're Not Here Not listed in RCS
14. Moore, Jack No rating Cry Cry Not listed in RCS
15. Fortune, Johnny No rating Gee But I Miss You
Label shot
Emmy (Calif.) E1002  1960/Apr. 11
Bb pop rev.
16. Cyd & Cheri No rating I'm A-Lookin' For Blue Eyes Not listed in RCS
17. Knight, Baker No rating Takin' A Chance
Label shot
Coral (N.Y.) 9-62132  1959/July 20
Bb pop rev.
18. Jackson, Wanda Pertinent You're The One For Me
Label shot
Capitol (Calif.) F4207  1959/May 18
Bb pop rev.
19. Hawley, Deane No rating Where Is My Angel Not listed in RCS
20. Arondies No rating All My Love Not listed in RCS
21. Paul, Jessie No rating Corners Of The Room Not listed in RCS
22. Treasures [x] No rating Hold Me Tight Not listed in RCS
23. Wiggins, Wally Pertinent I Need You
Label shot
Mercury (Ill.)  71645X45 1960/June 20
Bb pop rev.
24. Cavell, Marc No rating Lucky Star
Label shot
Wesburn (Calif.)  1960  1960/Aug. 29
Bb pop rev.
25. White, Margo No rating Down By The Sea Not listed in RCS
26. Cameron, Johnny No rating Fantasy Not listed in RCS
27. Dennis, Richie No rating I'm The One Not listed in RCS
28. Lil' June No rating Oh What A Feelin' Not listed in RCS
29. Coburn, Kimball Pertinent Please, Please
Label shot
Hi (Tenn.)  2010  1958/Dec. 29
Bb pop rev.
30. Sunday, Josephine No rating You Won't Even Know Her Name Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Udo Frank

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