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Revival 4002 (LP) (1988)

Rockabilly Boogie - Rare Items, Vol. 2

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Source: Planeta Rockabilly

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Dickens, Little Jimmy Non-pertinent Salty Boogie
Label shot
Columbia (N.Y.) 4-21384  1955/Apr. 9
Bb c&w rev.
2. Bell, Lee No rating Beatin' Out The Boogie (On The Mississippi Mud) Not listed in RCS
3. Duke, Roy Pertinent Be-Have, [!!] Be-Quit [!!] Or Begone [!!]
Label shot
Reject (Tenn.)  1002 
(pressed by Southern)
1956/Apr. 21
Bb c&w rev.
4. Penny, Dayward No rating Come Back Baby
Label shot
Big Howdy (La.)  8102  1968/June
BMI clear.
5. Eaton, Bob No rating Virginia On A Saturday Night Not listed in RCS
6. Rose, Lester No rating Alimony Blues
Label shot
Arlen (Calif.)  1014  1962/Dec. 15
Bb c&w rev.
7. Lucas, Jimmy No rating You Can't Have Seconds
Label shot
NRC (Ga.)  458  1966/Oct.
mx series
8. Shipley, Reece No rating Milk Bucket Boogie Not listed in RCS
9. Strange, Billy Pertinent I Gotta Be Gittin' [!!] Home
Label shot
Capitol (Calif.) F2934  1954/Oct. 9
Bb c&w rev.
10. Wills, Billy Jack No rating Bottle Baby Boogie
Label shot
MGM (N.Y.) K11635  1953/Nov. 21
Bb c&w rev.
11. Tucker, Les Non-pertinent Wrong Kinda Lovin
Not listed in RCS
12. Pine, Hal No rating She Took She Took Not listed in RCS
13. Miller, Darnell Borderline Royal Flush
Label shot
Starday (Tenn.) 45-422  1959/Feb.
(Bb est.)
14. Parsons, Bill Pertinent Hot Rod Volkswagen
Label shot
Starday (Tenn.) 45-526  1960/Dec. 19
Bb pop rev.
15. Darren, Danny Pertinent Fool About You
Label shot
Draeger (Wisc.) 892R-4560 
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
16. Pedigo, Tommy Pertinent Redheaded Woman
Label shot
Olo (Tenn.)  103  1966/June
BMI clear.

Acknowledgments:  Bear Family catalog, Marc Coulavin, Derek Hamilton, Planeta Rockabilly, Peter Staehli

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