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Label & Number Format Location Date Title
[BIT?] BIT 61015CD 1994Little Miss Dynamite / Brenda Lee
[BLINK?] BLINK 4145LP 1995Rockin' Up A Storm / Boyd Bennett
[DYNA?] DYNA 101CD 1999Roy Head And The Traits -- Treat Her Right
[KLP?] KLP 4145LP 1998Rockin' Up A Storm / Boyd Bennett
[OMB?] OMB 006CD 1996Cochran, Domino, Vincent-The Originals 3-Cd
[P4?] P4 96847CD 1999Eddie & Gene -- Back To Back
[P8?] P8 33425CD 199720 Rock & Roll Hits / Johnny Burnette
[P?] P 36185CD 1996Vintage Collections / Wanda Jackson
[PARK?] PARK 561CD 1998Fabulous Charlie Gracie
[POINT?] POINT 16255CD 1995Greatest Hits / Buddy Knox
[RM?] RM 326LP 1996What In The World's Come Over You / Jack Scott
[RM?] RM 348LP 1986The Spirit Moves Me / Jack Scott
[SB?] SB 3029CD 1995Just Rollin' With Johnny Olenn
[SERD?] SERD 571LP 1995Real Memphis Rock & Roll / Warren Smith
[SERD?] SERD 579LP 1995The Rocking Mann / Carl Mann
[SERD?] SERD 624LP 1995Red Hot Riley / Billy Riley
[SERD?] SERD 12698LP 1998Rockabilly Rhythm
[SMT?] SMT 012LP 1988Crazy Baby / Freddy Fender
[SR?] SR 60609LP 1988Come Rock With Me / Johnny Preston
[ST?] ST 60609LP 1991Come Rock With Me / Johnny Preston
[WF?] WF 001CD 1997Go Rockabilly / Bobby Wayne
[X?] X 29571LP 1987Woo Hoo / The Rock-A-Teens
[label?] 112 098CD 2000In Style With The Crickets ... Plus
[label?] 252 6762CD 1991Let's Have A Party / Wanda Jackson
[label?] 495 4812CD 199825 Greatest Hits / The Crickets
[label?] 553 868CD 1997And The Train Kept A'Rollin'
[label?] 560 072LP 1986Rock 'N' Roll Trio / Johnny Burnette
[label?] 1979/9911CD 2000Star Club Records -- 20th Anniversary Sampler
[label?] 94030LP 199820 Rock & Roll Hits / Wanda Jackson
[label?] 165613CD 1994The High Flying Beau-Marks
[label?] 307972CD 1998Kings Of Rockabilly
[label?] 640001CD 1997Sun Studio Story: 50s To The 90s
[label?] 662070CD 1993Rock Originals / Patsy Cline
[no label name] [dg&dl]CD  Dick Glasser And Dick Lory: The Earliest & Rarest
[no label name] [hnb]CD  Hillbilly 'N Bop: Mar-vel' And Glenn Record
[no label name] [recp]LPFrance1968Rocky Eddie Corthesy Presente
[no label name] RR- 1/210United States1971[no title]
[no label name] RDLP 00210 1997Action Packed / Ronnie Dawson
[no label name] 119410  no title
[no label name] K.LCE.CD 5112CD 2000Rockabilly Kings & Queens Limited Collector's Edition

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