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Comps Label Index for D

Label & Number Format Location Date Title
DJM 22057LPEngland1977Bob Luman Rocks
DJM 22069LPEngland1977Hillbilly Rock
DJM DJB 26080LPEngland1974Louisiana Man / Rusty & Doug Kershaw
DOJO DOJL- 5009LPFinland1988Rock-A-Hula-Bop
Decca DL 4132LP 1998The Lost Decca Recordings
Dee Jay Jamboree 45- 122EPGermany Jimmy Grubbs & His Musik Makers
Dee Jay Jamboree DJ-LP 2036LPGermany1983Arkansas Twist / Bobby Lee Trammell
Dee Jay Jamboree DJ-LP 2040LPGermany1984Toolie Frollie / Bobby Lee Trammell
Dee Jay Jamboree DJ-LP 2043LPGermany1984Chicken Walk / Hasil Adkins
Dee Jay Jamboree DJ-LP 2044LPGermany1984Rock 'N Roll Tonight / Hasil Adkins
Dee Jay Jamboree DJ-LP 2054LPGermany1986Yesterday And Today / Groovey Joe Poovey
Dee Jay Jamboree DJ 55001CDGermany1993Early Simon & Garfunkel
Dee Jay Jamboree DJ-CD 55002CDGermany The Slades
Dee Jay Jamboree DJ-CD 55020CDGermany1995Mule Skinner Blues / The Fendermen
Dee Jay Jamboree DJ CD 55025CDGermany1995Chicken Walk / Hasil Adkins
Dee Jay Jamboree DJ-CD 55113CDGermany Teen Scene!
Dee Jay Jamboree DJ-CD 55114CDGermany2005Teen Scene!, Vol. 2
Dee Jay Jamboree DJ-CD 55115CDGermany2006Teen Scene!, Vol. 3
Dee Jay Jamboree DJ-CD 55116CDGermany2007Teen Scene!, Vol. 4
Dee Jay Jamboree DJ-CD 55117CDGermany2009Teen Scene!, Vol. 5
Dee Jay Jamboree DJ-CD 55118CDGermany Teen Scene!, Vol. 6
Dee Jay Jamboree DJ-CD 55119CDGermany2010Teen Scene!, Vol. 7
Dee Jay Jamboree 55120CDGermany2011Teen Scene!, Vol. 8
Dee Jay Jamboree DJ-CD 55121CDGermany Teen Scene!, Vol. 9
Del-Fi DEL 2902CDUnited States1997Shakedown / Bobby Fuller
Del-Fi DFBX 3903CDUnited States1998Never To Be Forgotten: The Mustang Years / Bobby Fuller
Del-Fi DFCD 9001CDUnited States Rockin' All Night: The Very Best Of Ritchie Valens
Del-Fi DFCD 71251-2CDUnited States1995Hippy Hippy Shake / Chan Romero
Demand DS 005LP 1986Come Rock With Me / Johnny Preston
Demand DLP 0040LP 1996Bop Cat Bop / Ferlin Husky
Demand 0055LP  Country Rockers / Merle Kilgore
Demand 0060LP  Please Don't Leave Me / Johnny Burnette
Demand 0075LP  Hackin' Around With David Houston
Demand DSLP 0080LP  Rocket Ride Stroll / Narvel Felts
Demand DMS LPS- 095LP 1996Everybody's Rockin' / Bobby Lord
Demand DMSLP- 215LP  That's All I've Got / John D. Loudermilk
Demand DMSLP- 250LP  The Best Of Verve Rock & Roll
Demand DMSLP- 255LP  United Artists Rock And Roll
Demand DM LP 2020LP  My Baby Likes To Rock & Roll / Del Reeves
Demand 2030LP 1997I'm Long Gone / Carl Belew
Demand DM LP 2040LP 1996Rock-A-Round With Paul Peek: Vintage Tracks
Demand DMSLP 2045LP  Gotta Lot Of Rhythm: The Early Country Rockers / Patsy Cline
Demand DMSLP 2060LP  Carry On / Jimmy Newman
Demon EDCD 386CD 1994Folk Ballads Of Ronnie Hawkins
Demon EDCD 387CD 1994Ronnie Hawkins Sings Hank Williams
Desperate Rockin Trash DRT- 1203CDGermany2009Desperate Rockabilly, Vol. 3: My Baby Like To Rock & Roll
Detour 33- 008LPEngland1988Hillbilly Houn' Dawgs & Honky Tonk Angels
Detour 204LPEngland1988Chess Rockabillies
Dial 002LPNetherlands1977Rocking From Hollywood To Groningen
Dial 003LPNetherlands1977Let's All Go Wild
Dial 004LPNetherlands1977Olympic Rock
Dig DIG 610CD 1996Rockin' The House Of Blue Lights / Chuck Miller
Dig DIG 9620CD  The Big Beat, Vol. 4
Dig It 610CD  House Of Blue Lights / Chuck Miller
Dig-It 100CD  Dig Boy Dig
Dionysus/Bacchus Archives BA 0012CD 1996Perpetual Stomp 1951-1996 / Ray Campi
Disky Memphis 03CDNetherlands The Ultimate Memphis Rockabilly Collection, Vol. 1
Disky Memphis 04CDNetherlands1993The Ultimate Memphis Rockabilly Collection, Vol. 2
Disky Memphis 05CDNetherlands1993The Ultimate Memphis Rock 'N' Roll Collection, Vol. 1
Disky Memphis 06CDNetherlands The Ultimate Memphis Rock 'N' Roll Collection, Vol. 2
Disky DCD 5201CDNetherlands Ultimate Sun Country Collection
Disky DCD 5202CD  Ulitmate Sun Rockabilly Collection
Disky DCD 5203CDNetherlands1991Ultimate Sun Rock & Roll Collection
Disky TO 86252CDNetherlands1996The Original Crickets
Disky DO 250542CDNetherlands2000As Good As It Gets: Rockabilly
Disky DC- 885702CDNetherlands1999A Capitol Rockabilly Party, Part 1
Disky DC- 885712CDNetherlands1999A Capitol Rockabilly Party, Part 2
Disky DC- 885772CDNetherlands1999A Capitol Rockabilly Party, Part 3
Disky DC- 885782CDNetherlands1999Red Hot Rockabilly, Part 1
Disky DC- 885932CDNetherlands1999Red Hot Rockabilly, Part 2
Disky DC- 885962CDNetherlands1999Red Hot Rockabilly, Part 3
Ditto 100LP 1986The Canadian Sweethearts / Bob & Lucille
Diwa LP 2LPNetherlands1974Let's Bop Cats
Dixie 2222CDNetherlands1994Great Dixie Rock And Roll
Dixie 3333CDNetherlands1994Boppin' Country Billies
Dixie 4444CDNetherlands1994Boppin' Country Billies
Dixie 5555CDNetherlands1995Dixie Boppin' Hillbillies
Dixie 6666CDNetherlands1995Dixie Boppin' Hillbillies, Vol. 2
Do-Ja 18 11 43LPUnited States?1976Modern Romance / Sanford Clark Featuring Al Casey, Guitar
Doghouse 001CD  Cowboy Hit Parade, Vol. 1
Doghouse 002CD  Cowboy Hit Parade, Vol. 2
Doghouse 003CD 1996Jive! Jive! Jive!, Vol. 1
Doghouse 004CD 1996Cowboy (& Cool Cat) Hit Parade
Domino 1001LPUnited States?1987Give That Love To Ray Campi / Ray Campi
Domino 1002LPUnited States?1987Rock-A-Chicka / Jim Lowe
Domino 1007LPUnited States?1990The Party / Buck Griffin
Domino 1010LPUnited States?1992Rock On Baby / Bill Sherrell
Domino 1011LPUnited States?1992Rebel Rock / The Traits
Domino 1012LPUnited States?1992Rock Pretty Mama / Billy Adams
Domino 1013CDUnited States?1993Early Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 / Tom & Jerry
Domino 1014CDUnited States?1993Early Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 / Tom & Jerry
Dragon Street 7822CDUnited States1992Whole Lotta' Shakin' Goin' On
Dragon Street DCD 70100CDUnited States2000The Big D Jamboree Live!
Dragon Street DCD 70101CDUnited States2001Gals Of The Big D Jamboree
Dragon Street DCD 70102CDUnited States2002Guys Of The Big D Jamboree
Dragon Street 70199CDUnited States1999Greatest Grooves / Groovey Joe Poovey
Dragon Street 70298CDUnited States1998Mr. Action Packed / Johnny Dollar
Dressed To Kill/BMG DTKBOX 66CDEngland1999The Sun Gods
Dry Country DC CD 101CD  Texas Rockabilly
Ducktail 501LPCanada1979Stompin At The Dead Moose / Hank Davis
Dunes DU 2000LP 1986Pretty Little Angel Eyes / Curtis Lee
Dunhill DH 701CDCanada1993Travelin' With Ray / Ray Smith
Dusty LP 100LPUnited States Hillbilly & Rockabilly Special, Vol. 1
Dyna CD 101CD  Treat Her Right / Roy Head And The Traits

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