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Comps Label Index for E

Label & Number Format Location Date Title
EFA 88962-2CDEngland2000Rockabilly Rarities, Vol. 1
EMI MfP 501 36LP 1973Larry Finnegan
EMI 1318LP 1989Rock 'N' Roll Masters / The Crickets
EMI CDP-7- 95845-2CD 1991The Liberty Years: EMI Legends Of Rock And Roll / The Crickets
EMI (England) 1324LPEngland1989The Best Of Johnny Burnette
EMI (England) CDP 7 91757CDEngland1989The Best Of The Crickets
EMI (France) 252 676CDFrance Let's Have A Party / Wanda Jackson
EMI (France) 80917CDFrance199820 Rock & Roll Hits / Wanda Jackson
EMI (France) 93173CDFrance1990Who's Eddie / Eddie Fontaine
EMI (France) P7 98122CDFrance1992Legends Of Rock 'N' Roll / Johnny Burnette
EMI (France) 98126CDFrance1992Wanda Jackson
EMI (France) CDP 798122CDFrance1992Legends Of Rock 'N' Roll / Johnny Burnette
EMI (France) 7981262CDFrance Legends Of Rock 'N' Roll / Wanda Jackson
EMI (Netherlands) CDP 798122CDNetherlands1992Legends Of Rock 'N' Roll / Johnny Burnette
EMI (Sweden) 0777 7 80917CDSweden199520 Rock 'N' Roll Hits / Wanda Jackson
EMI Electrola LC 0148LPNetherlands Let's Have A Party: The Rockabilly Influence, 1950-1960
EMI Gold 495 4812CD 199825 Greatest Hits / The Crickets
EMI Gold 495 4822CD 199825 Greatest Hits / Johnny Burnette
EMI/Liberty 2C 068- 83096LPFrance1981Imperial Rockabillies, Vol. 3
EMI/Liberty 2C 068- 83097LPFrance1981Imperial Rockabillies, Vol. 2
EMI/Liberty 2C 068- 83098LPFrance1981Imperial Rockabillies
EMI/Liberty E2 99997CD 1993You're Sixteen [And] The Best Of Johnny Burnette
EVA 642041CD 1995Teenage Repression
Eagle 301LPGermany1975Chicken Rock
Eagle 302LPGermany1976Stack-A-Records
Eagle 303LPGermany1977Chicken Rock Vol. 2: Fabulous Groups Rockabilly Style
Eagle 304LPGermany1978Stack-a-Records, Vol. II
Eagle 305LPGermany1978Boppin Guitars
Eagle 306LPGermany1978Chicken Rock, Vol. 3: Fabulous Groups Rockin' Instrumentals
Eagle 307LPGermany1979Chicken Rock, Vol. 4: Rumble Rock
Eagle 308LPGermany1979Bandstand Dancing
Eagle 309LPGermany1979Something Special-billy
Eagle 310LPGermany1980Cool Baby Cool
Eagle 311LPGermany1980At The Rockhouse, Vol. 1
Eagle 312LPGermany1980At The Rockhouse, Vol. 2
Eagle 313LPGermany1981At The Rockhouse, Vol. 3
Eagle 314LPGermany1981At The Rockhouse, Vol. 4
Eagle 315LPGermany1981At The Rockhouse, Vol. 5
Eagle 316LPGermany1982At The Rockhouse, Vol. 6
Eagle 317LPGermany1982At The Rockhouse, Vol. 7
Eagle 318LPGermany1983At The Rockhouse, Vol. 8
Eagle 319LPGermany1983At The Rockhouse, Vol. 9
Eagle 320LPGermany1983At The Rockhouse, Vol. 10
Eagle 321LPGermany1983At The Rockhouse, Vol. 11
Eagle 322LPGermany1984At The Rockhouse, Vol. 12
Eagle 323LPGermany1985Rock 'N Roll Party, Vol. 1
Eagle 30912LPGermany1992Rollin' Dynamite / Tommy & The Tom Tom's
Eagle 33- 90105LPGermany1991Nine Stitches
Eagle 90107CDGermany1994Rockin' Roy Moss
Eagle EA-R CD 90110CDGermany1991From The Vaults Of Lin & Kliff Records
Eagle 90111CDGermany1993Pleasant Jamboree / Jerry Arnold
Eagle 90112CDGermany1993Pleasant Jamboree - "There's Good Rockin' Tonight" / Clyde Stacy
Eagle 90114CDGermany1994Let's Have A Ball / Bobby Poe
Eagle 90115CDGermany1994Let's Turn Back The Years / Sleepy LaBeef
Eagle 90116CDGermany1994Rockin' Down The Farm / Big Al Downing
Eagle EA-R 90117CDGermany1994Old Time Rock 'N' Roll / Chavis Brothers
Eagle EA-R 90119CDGermany1995Lenny & The Thundertones
Eagle EA-R 90120CDGermany1995There's Only One ... Your Lovin' Man / Vernon Taylor
Eagle 90121CDGermany19961954-1968 / Ray Campi
Eagle 90122CDGermany19961954-1968, Vol. 2 / Ray Campi
Eagle 90123CDGermany1997Rockin' Through The Teenage Years / Paul Peek
Eagle 90125CDGermany1998Rockin' Down The Farm, Vol. 2 / The Poe-Kats Featuring Big Al Downing
Eagle 90126CDGermany1999The Sammy Salvo Story
Eagle 90127CDGermany1999Ricky Coyne Meets Andy Dio
Eagle 90128CDGermany1999Echo Rock: His Complete Recordings / Ken Davis
Eagle 90200CDGermany1995The Chicken Are Rockin', Vol. 1
Eagle 90201CDGermany1995The Chicken Are Rockin', Vol. 2
Eagle 90202CDGermany1993Date On The Corner
Eagle 90203CDGermany1994Rare Fifties Boston Rockabilly, Vol. 1
Eagle 90204CDGermany1996Rare Fifties Boston Rockabilly, Vol. 2
Eagle EA-R 90205CDGermany1999Chicken Rock: "Rockin" Around The Mountain
Eagle EA-R 90206CDGermany1994Rare Fifties Boston Rockabilly, Vol. 3
Eagle EA-R 90207CDGermany1995Cool Off Baby
Eagle 90701CDGermany1995Mama, Mama, Mama / Louis Hobbs
Eagle 309010LPGermany1996Here I Go Again / Sammy Salvo
Eagle 309011LPGermany1995From Dallas, TX / Scotty McKay
Eagle 309013LPGermany1992High School Days / Baker Knight
Eagle 309014LPGermany1992Seven Up & Whiskey -- The Servant Of Love / The Van Brothers
Eagle 309252LPGermany1992Every Then ... And Now / Ricky Coyne
Eagle EZ.33. 901007LPGermany1990Scotty McKay
Eagle 33- 901008LPGermany1990Sweet Love / Rusty York
East West EWCD- 100CD 2003The Complete East West Records, Vol. 1
East West EWCD- 101CD 2003The Complete East West Records, Vol. 2
East West EWR 4001CD 1994The Best Of East-West Records
Ecco-Fonic 45 EF 1012EPUnited States Twin Pipes And Pin Stripes / Sammy Masters
Edsel EDCD 385CDUnited States1994Twist At The Peppermint Lounge / Dale Hawkins
Edsel EDCD 583CDUnited States1999The Crazy Cajun Recordings / Mickey Gilley
Edsel EDCD 597CDEngland1999Born To Be A Loser: The Crazy Cajun Recordings / Jimmy Donley
El Toro H- 100CDSpain2002Gravy Train: Hillbilly Meets R&B Before Elvis
El Toro ETCD CH 101CDSpain2009Collectors Choice, Vol. 1: Texas Fever
El Toro ETCD CH 102CDSpain2009Collectors Choice, Vol. 2: Campus Boogie
El Toro ETCD CH 103CDSpain2009Collectors Choice, Vol. 3: Firecracker Stomp
El Toro ETCD CH 104CDSpain2009Collectors Choice, Vol. 4: What A Night
El Toro ETCD 105CD  Collectors Choice, Vol. 5: Boogie Woogie Fever
El Toro ETCD 106CD  Collectors Choice, Vol. 6: Boppin' Hit Parade
El Toro ETCD 1010CDSpain2007Real Cool Cats: Texas Rockabilly 1955
El Toro ETCD 1011CDSpain2006Tennessee Rock'n Billy 1955
El Toro ETCD 1013CDSpain2007Welcome To The Club: Early Female Rockabilly
El Toro ETCD 1015CDSpain2007Janis And Elvis
El Toro ETCD 1019CDSpain2008Long Gone Daddy / Pat Cupp & The Flying Saucers
El Toro ETCD 1020CDSpain2009Can't Hardly Stand It / Charlie Feathers
El Toro ETCD 1021CDSpain2009Winter Dance Party 50th Anniversary
El Toro ETCD 1024CDSpain Rollin' The Rock: Texas Rockabilly Vol. 2
El Toro ETCD- 1036CDSpain I'm A Guitar Man / Al Casey
El Toro ETCD- 1037CDSpain If You Want It Enough / The Burnette Brothers
El Toro ETCD 1038CDSpain Rocking And Rolling (1956-1958) / Johnny Jano
El Toro ETCD 1043CDSpain My Heart's On FIre, 1953-1959 / Werly Fairburn
El Toro ETCD 1054CD 2012Royce Porter And Friends
El Toro ETCD 10010CDSpain2007Shattered Dreams / Johnny Burnette
El Toro ETCDVD 10011CDSpain2008Red Hot, 1956-57 / Bob Luman
Ember 3392LP 1967Bellyful Of Blue Thunder / Merrill Moore
Ember 3394LP 1969Roughhouse 88 / Merrill Moore
Ember 6608LPEngland197xWell Now, Dig This / The Jodimars
Emperor 03LP 1981Everybody's Rockin'
Encore Mu- 04CD  Moon Over Mullican: The Definitive Rock & Roll Collection / Moon Mullican
Encore SSMCP- 205LPGermany1995Lousiana Rock And Roll / Rod Bernard
Encore 2098CD 1999Rockin' Country Style / Glenn Reeves
Encore 193196CD 1996Rock It / George Jones
Encore ECD 193587CDJapan1996Rock Around The Town / Dean Beard
Enviken 101CDSweden1999Rock It, Vol. 1
Enviken 102CDSweden1999Rock It, Vol. 2
Enviken CD 118CDSweden2003The Road To Rockabilly, 1951-1958 / Ray Campi And The Snappers
Epic EG 37618LPUnited States1981Rockabilly Stars, Vol. 1
Epic EG 37621LPUnited States1981Rockabilly Stars, Vol. 2
Epic EG 37984LPUnited States1982Rockabilly Stars, Vol. 3
Epic PE 38457LPUnited States1983Introducing Larry And Lorrie -- The Collins Kids
Epic/Legacy EK 47904CDUnited States1992Walkin' With Link / Link Wray
Era ELP- 102LP 1986Tall Oak Tree / Dorsey Burnette
Era 5021CD 1995The Era Years / Dorsey Burnette
Eric's 008LP 1981Jukebox At Eric's, Vol. 1: Rock 'N Roll
Esoldun RR 2001LPFrance1986Texas Rockabilly
Esoldun RR 2002LPFrance1986Rockabilly Bop, Vol. 1
Esoldun RR 2003LPFrance1986Rockabilly Bop, Vol. 2
Esoldun RR 2004LPFrance1986Rockin' And Boppin'
Esoldun RR 2005LPFrance1986Hot Jumpin'
Esoldun RR 2006LPFrance1986Rockabilly Bop, Vol. 3
Esoldun RR 2007LPFrance1986Hop, Skip, And Jump
Esoldun RR 2008LPFrance1986Let's Go Rock 'N' Roll
Esoldun RR 2009LPFrance1987Hillbilly Boogie And Rock-A-Billy
Esoldun RR 2010LPFrance1987Bop Baby Bop
Esoldun RR 2011LPFrance1987Hot Boppin' Cats
Esoldun RR 2012LPFrance1987Texas Rock-A-Billy, Vol. 2
Esoldun RR 2013LPFrance1987Baby Let's Rock
Esoldun RR 2014LPFrance1987Groovie Boogie Woogie Boy
Esoldun RR 2015LPFrance1987Screamin' Rock 'N' Roll
Esoldun RR 2016LPFrance1987Rockin' And Jivin'
Esoldun RR 2017LPFrance1987Hot Boppin Cats, Vol. 2
Esoldun RR 2018LPFrance1987Texas Hillbilly Boogie
Esoldun RR 2019LPFrance1987Bill Browning
Esoldun RR 2020LPFrance1987Jump The Boogie
Esoldun RR 2021LPFrance1987I Want To Boogie Woogie
Esoldun RR 2022LPFrance1987Rockin' The Blues
Esoldun RR 2023LPFrance1988Rare Rock-A-Billy Boppin'
Esoldun RR 2024LPFrance1988Hot Boppin Cats
Esoldun RR 2025LPFrance1988Be Bop Boogie
Esoldun RRD 2221CDFrance1990Texas Rockabilly And Hillbilly Boogie Vol. 1
Esoldun RRD 2222CDFrance1996Texas Rockabilly And Hillbilly Boogie Vol. 2
Eva 12032LPFrance I Fought The Law / Bobby Fuller Four

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