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Comps Label Index for M

Label & Number Format Location Date Title
MCA 1440CD 1986Stop Look And Listen / Patsy Cline
MCA 1561LP  Collectible / The Johnny Burnette Trio
MCA 1755LP 1986Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 1
MCA 1756LP 1986Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 2
MCA 1757LP 1986Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 3
MCA 1758LP 1986Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 4
MCA MAPS 9185LP 197920 Rockabilly Hits
MCA 11119CD 1994Decca Rock & Roll Collection
MCA 30489CD 1993Johnny Burnette
MCA 30591CD 1993In Style With The Crickets
MCA MCD 32338CD  The Real Buddy Holly Story
MCA (England) MCFM 2697LPEngland1975Rare Rockabilly
MCA (England) MCFM 2710LPEngland Back In Style / The Crickets
MCA (England) MCF 2729LPEngland1976Little Miss Dynamite / Brenda Lee
MCA (England) MCFM 2789LPEngland1977Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 2
MCA (England) MCFM 2833LPEngland1978Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 3
MCA (England) MCF 3035LPEngland1979Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 4
MCA (England) CDL 8507LPEngland1980Rare Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 1
MCA (France) 410 074LPFrance1978Stars Of The Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 1 / Johnny Burnette & The Rock 'N' Roll Trio
MCA (France) 410 083LPFrance1978Stars Of The Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 9 / Johnny Burnette & The Rock 'N' Roll Trio
MCA (France) 414 030LPFrance1978Stars Of The Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 13 / Brenda Lee "Miss Dynamite"
MCA (France) 414 047LPFrance1978Stars Of The Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 18
MCA (France) 414 048LPFrance1978Stars Of The Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 19
MCA (France) 204695LPFrance1982Rock Hop Bop
MCA (Germany) 6. 22455LPGermany1976We Like Rock 'N' Roll
MCA (Germany) 30693CDGermany1993Oh! Suzy-Q / Dale Hawkins
MCA (Japan) MVCE 22017CDJapan1998Chess 50th Anniversary Rock & Roll Collection
MCA (Japan) MVCM 22064CDJapan1996Rock Around The Clock: Decca/Coral/Brunswick
MCA (Sweden) COPS 9279LPSweden1981Happy Days Of Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 3
MCA (Sweden) 10384CD  Anthology 1956-1980 / Brenda Lee
MCA (U.S.) MCL 1504LPUnited States1981Rockabilly Boogie
MCA (U.S.) MCA- 1513LPUnited States1982Listen To Johnny Burnette / Johnny Burnette & The Rock & Roll Trio
MCA (U.S.) 1553LPUnited States1983Black Slacks / Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones
MCA (U.S.) MCA- 1557LPUnited States1983Pop-a-billy / Bobby Helms
MCA (U.S.) MCA- 1561LPUnited States1983Johnny Burnette Trio, Vol. 2
MCA (U.S.) MCAD 5935CDUnited States198720 Rockabilly Classics
MCA (U.S.) MCA- 25088LPUnited States1987Rockabilly Classics
MCA (U.S.) MCA- 25089LPUnited States1988Rockabilly Classics
MCA Coral (England) CDLM 8049LPEngland1977Non-Stop Rock 'N' Roll
MCA Coral (England) CDLM 8054LPEngland Johnny Burnette & The Rock 'N' Roll Trio
MCA Coral (Germany) 201 531-241LPGermany Johnny Burnette And The Rock 'N Roll Trio
MFP 50466LPEngland1981Rockin'
MGM (England) 2315 394LPEngland1977MGM Rockabilly Collection
MGM (England) 2354 147LPEngland1981MGM Rockabilly Collection, Vol. 2
MGM (France) 2624 032LPFrance1980MGM Rock 'N' Roll Collection (2xLP)
MID IC 064-32 751LPGermany197920 Rock 'N' Roll Hits / Johnny Burnette
MSIF 2001CDJapan1992Roots Of Stray Cats, Vol. 1
MSIF 2002CDJapan1992Roots Of Stray Cats, Vol. 2
MSIF 2129CDJapan1994The Rockin' Side / Patsy Cline
Magnum Force CDMF 030CDEngland1990Red Hot Rockabilly
Magnum Force MFLP 030LPEngland1985Red Hot Rockabilly
Magnum Force CDMF 034CDEngland1991Hillbilly Rock: 20 Rare Tracks From The Hickory Vaults
Magnum Force MFLP 034LPEngland1985Hillbilly Rock: 20 Rare Tracks From The Hickory Vaults
Magnum Force MFLP 043LPEngland1987Red Hot Rockabilly, Vol. 2
Magnum Force MFLP 048LPEngland1987The Rockin' 50s
Magnum Force MFLP 1. 051LPEngland Funny How Time Slips Away / Hayden Thompson
Magnum Force MFLP 055LPEngland1987Red Hot Rockabilly, Vol. 3
Magnum Force MFLP 056LPEngland1988Red Hot Rockabilly, Vol. 4
Magnum Force MFLP 060LPEngland1988Red Hot (Memphis) Rockabilly, Vol. 5
Magnum Force MFLP 062LPEngland1988Red Hot (Memphis) Rockabilly, Vol. 6
Magnum Force 063CDEngland1990The Original Rockabilly Album / Ray Campi
Magnum Force 063LPEngland1989The Original Rockabilly Album / Ray Campi
Magnum Force 066LPEngland1988Endless Sleep / Jody Reynolds
Magnum Force 068LPEngland2000The Legendary Guitarists of Gene Vincent
Magnum Force CDMF 069CDEngland1989Red Hot Rockabilly, Vol. 7
Magnum Force MFLP 069LPEngland1989Red Hot Rockabilly, Vol. 7
Magnum Force CDMF 082CDEngland1992Red Hot Rockabilly, Vol. 8 (Best Of)
Magnum Force CDMF 100CDEngland1998Magnum Rockabilly
Maltshop 1EPUnited States1994Ronnie Haig
Maltshop MCD 6001CDUnited States1998Maltshop's Super Six-Pak
Maple Tone CD 402CDCanada Cruisin' Country
Maple Tone CD 403CDCanada Cruisin' Country, Vol. 2
Mar-vel' CD  Hillbilly 'N Bop
Marginal LADY 001CDBelgium1994Rockin'-Boppin' Ladies
Marginal 001ACD 1999Rockin'-Boppin' Ladies, Vol. 4
Marginal MAR 003CDBelgium1995Monster Sounds And Boppin' Tracks
Marginal MAR 005CDBelgium1995Monster Sounds And Boppin' Tracks, Vol. 2
Marginal MAR 006CDBelgium1995High School Sweethearts
Marginal MAR 045CDBelgium1996Rockin' With . . . Wanda Jackson
Marginal 100CD 1995Rockin'-Boppin' Ladies, Vol. 2
Marginal 1000CD 1995Rockin'-Boppin' Ladies, Vol. 3
Marginal 10000CD 1995Rockin'-Boppin' Ladies, Vol. 4
Marginal 100000CD  Rockin'-Boppin' Ladies, Vol. 5
Mark 7059CD 1999The Best Of Mark Records
Matucci AG- 3315LPUnited States1980Goodnight Sweethear / Dale Hawkins
Memphis 7033CD  They Thought They Were Elvis: Vocal Clones, Vol. 1
Mercury 422-826 095-1 M-1LP 1985Rockin' The Country / George Jones
Mercury 826 095LP 1987Rockin' The Country / George Jones
Mercury 832 902LP 1988Chantilly Lace / The Big Bopper
Mercury MG 20402LP 1982Chantilly Lace / The Big Bopper
Mercury (England) 6463 084LPEngland1981Mercury Rockabillies
Mercury (Germany) 6463 057LPGermany1980Chantilly Lace / The Big Bopper
Meteor 5000LP 1979Hillbilly Bop Memphis Style
Meteor MTCD 5001CD 1993Meteor Rockabillies
Mid Century Music # 6003CD  706 Union Ave. And Beyond / Jumpin' Gene Simmons
Midnite Spell 1001LP 1981Rockin' At Midnite
Million LP 1LPNetherlands1981The Best Of Dixie, Vol. 1
Million LP 2LPNetherlands1981The Best Of Dixie, Vol. 2
Million LP 3LPNetherlands1981The Best Of Dixie, Vol. 3
Million LP 4LPNetherlands1981The Best Of Dixie, Vol. 4
Million LP 5LPNetherlands1984The Best Of Dixie, Vol. 5
Million LP 6LPNetherlands1984The Best Of Dixie, Vol. 6
Million LP 7LPNetherlands1988The Best Of Dixie, Vol. 7
Mima MLP 00110 1997Hot Rockin' Tracks
Mima MLP 00210 1998More Hot Rockin' Tracks
Mine 2001LPGermany1976Teenage Beat
Minor 1006LP 1987Rockin' Rollin' Piano / Mickey Gilley
Mod-Boys MB- 001CDEngland Lost In The 60's
Mode MD. 9028LPFrance1979Rockin' Ronnie Hawkins
Mohawk MR 124LP 1981Tennessee Waltz / Bobby Comstock
Monster A Go-Go JM 13LP 1985Songs We Taught The Cramps: 16 Cramps Classics By The Original Artists
Moon No. 299CD  Moon Over Memphis
Moon 3010LPUnited States1981The 50's Rock On The Moon
Movieplay 10029LPPortugal Don't You Step On My Blue Suede Shoes
Mr. DJ 101CD 1998Cruisin' Classics, Vol. 1
Mr. Manicotti MM 328LPCanada The Big Itch
Mr. Manicotti MM 340LPCanada The Big Itch, Vol. 2: Memorial Album For Joe E. Ross
Mr. Manicotti MM 341LPCanada The Big Itch, Vol. 3
Mr. Manicotti MM 342LPCanada Concussion!!
Mr. Manicotti MM 343LPCanada1996The Big Itch, Vol. 4
Mr. Manicotti MM 344LPCanada1996The Big Itch, Vol. 5
Mr. Manicotti MM 345LPCanada1996The Big Itch, Vol. 6
Mr. Manicotti MM 346LPCanada The Big Itch, Vol. 7
Multigroove LP 200910  Flip, Flop Mama / Eddie Bond
Munster MR 184LPSpain2000The Mustang Years / The Bobby Fuller Four
Munster Ref. 7141EPSpain2000I Fought The Law And Others / The Bobby Fuller Four
Murray Hill 000393LPUnited States1989She's Everything / Ral Donner
Murray Hill M 61307LP 1986His First LP / Buddy Knox
Murray Hill M 61315LP 1986All His Hits / Jimmy Bowen
Music Club MCCD 024CDEngland1994The Very Best Of Sun Rock 'N' Roll
Music Club MCCD 177CD 1994Cover To Cover
Music Shack MS- 86001LPUnited States1986Early Memphis
Musidisc 108192CDFrance1991Rock 'N Roll Heroes / Eddie Cochran & Gene Vincent
Musidisc/DCA 107292CDFrance The Legendary Jack Scott
Musidisc/DCA 107812CDFrance1991Cool It Baby / Eddie Fontaine
Musketeer LP 1062LPNew Zealand1986Johnny Burnette Sings Collectible Recordings
Mustang MUST [19?]CD  Lookin' For Money
Mustang MUST 1CD  Scratchin' On My Screen
Mustang MUST 2CD 2001Goin' Down That Road
Mustang MUST 3CD 2001Let's Go Boppin' Tonight
Mustang MUST 4CD  Mad Dog In Town
Mustang MUST 5CD  Big Boy Rock
Mustang MUST 6CD  Saturday Jump
Mustang MUST 7CD  Kool Cat - Cool Baby
Mustang MUST 8CD  Do You Dig Me
Mustang MUST 9CD  Real Gone Daddy
Mustang MUST 10CD  Gotta Rock A Little More
Mustang MUST 11CD  Hurry Baby
Mustang MUST 12CD  Oh Oh Oh Rock
Mustang MUST 13CD  Get Ready Baby
Mustang MUST 14CD  School Of Rock 'N' Roll
Mustang MUST 15CD  Hot Rockin' Girls
Mustang MUST 16CD  Cat Music
Mustang MUST 17CD  Lookie Lookie Lookie
Mustang MUST 18CD  Rockin' Too Much

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