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Title & Credits Image Artist Label & Number Date Matrix Comps
No rating No One — The Farmer Boys Label shot
Farmer BoysCapitol (Calif.) F3827  [45]1957/Nov. 11
Bb c&w rev.
45-16604 Bullet Bear Family CD 15579 (#12)
Bullet CCL LP 1122 (#15)
No rating No One — Chip Fisher / Vocal Background - The Emmets Label shot
Fisher, ChipAddison (N.Y.) 45-15002  [45]1959/Sept. 7
Bb pop rev.
4126 Bullet Lost Gold CD 2100 (#18)
Bullet NPR LP 7305 (#4)
Bullet Teenager LP 5918 (#2)
Bullet Yeaah! CD 7 (#18)
Bullet Yeaah! CD 501 (#18)
No rating No One — Brenda Lee Label shot
Lee, BrendaDecca (N.Y.)  31792  [45]1965
(Bb est.)
No rating No One — Bobby Lile Label shot
Lile, Bobby4 Star (Calif.) EP-22  [45 EP] 
No rating No One — Sammy Tanner Label shot
Tanner, SammyKCM (Mo.) 45-3702  [45]
(pressed by RCA)
1959/June 1
Bb pop rev.
Non-pertinent No One But Him — Dorsey Burnette Burnette, DorseyDot (Calif.) DLP-3456  [LP]
Dorsey Burnette Sings [mono]
Cover shot
(BSN est.)
  Bullet Bear Family CD 15545 (#15)
No rating No One But Him [stereo vers.] — Dorsey Burnette Burnette, DorseyDot (Calif.) DLP-23456  [LP]
Dorsey Burnette Sings [stereo]
(BSN est.)
No rating No One But You Knows When — Dick Lory Glasser, DickColumbia (N.Y.)  41224  [78]1958/Aug. 18
Bb pop rev.
Pertinent No One But You Knows When — Dick Lory Label shot
Glasser, DickColumbia (N.Y.) 4-41224  [45]1958/Aug. 18
Bb pop rev.
JZSP 44268 Bullet Collectors Gold CD 100211 (#13)
Bullet Revival LP 3013 (#4)
Non-pertinent No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile — Everly Brothers
(from 45)
Label shot
Everly BrothersWarner Bros. (Calif.)  5297  [45]
Cover shot
1962/Oct. 13
Bb pop rev.
No rating No One Dear But You — Glen Glenn Glenn, Glen[unissued]     [unissued] 
  Bullet Go-Cat-Go CD 25752 (#9)
Bullet Stomper Time CD 4 (#9)
No rating No One Else — The Arena Twins Label shot
Arena TwinsKapp (N.Y.) K-288-X [45]1959/July 13
Bb pop rev.
No rating No One Else — Ted Daigle Daigle, TedBanff (Canada) LP1094  [LP]
Teenage Time [mono]
Cover shot
Non-pertinent No One Else — Ted Daigle And The Tremolos
(from Emusic/Collector MP3 10930108)
Label shot
Daigle, TedRodeo (Canada) 45-RO.219  [45]  Bootlegs exist1959/June 15
Bb c&w rev.
Ro.434 Bullet Collector CD 4459 (#10)
Bullet Collector CD 4459 (#21)
Bullet White Label LP 8860 (#3)
Borderline No One Else — Big Rivers Label shot
Downing, Big AlPop-Line (N.Y.) BG0209  [45]1962/Sept. 1
Bb pop rev.
MT-503 Bullet Eagle CD 90116 (#9)
Non-pertinent No One Else (Could Love You Like I Do) — Jimmy Ringo Label shot
Ringo, JimmyDot (Calif.) 45-15787  [45]1958/July
(Bb est.)
No rating No One Else Will Ever Know — Jack Scott Scott, JackCarlton (N.Y.) LP12/107  [LP]
Jack Scott [mono]
Cover shot
1958/Dec. 1
Bb Aud.
  Bullet Castle Music CD 669 (#17)
No rating No One Else Will Ever Know [stereo vers.] — Jack Scott
(from Bear Family CD 15534)
Scott, JackCarlton (N.Y.) STLP12/107  [LP]
Jack Scott [stereo]
1958/Dec. 1
Bb Aud.
No rating No One For Me — J.N. Daniels And The Tirolas With Willie Laxton & Speedy Herman
(from 45)
Label shot
Daniels, J.N.Web (loc?)  622/3 [45] 
No rating No One Is Sweeter Than You — Maddox Brothers & Rose Maddox Brothers & Rose4 Star (Calif.)  1570  [45]1951/Aug. 25
Bb c&w rev.
Non-pertinent No One Knows — 5 Williamson Bros. Label shot
5 Williamson Bros.Gold Star (N.C.)  00200  [45]
(pressed by Wakefield)
1967/July 1
Bb ad or art.
SJW 9255  
No rating No One Knows Better Than Me — The Wilburn Brothers (Teddy & Doyle) Wilburn BrothersDecca (N.Y.) ED2700  [45 EP]
The Wilburn Brothers Sing
Cover shot
S 4304  
Non-pertinent No One Left Here But Me — Eddie Collins Label shot
Collins, EddieEl-Rio (Tenn.)  414  [45]
(pressed by Rite)
Cover shot
mx series
Non-pertinent No One Like You — Matt Lucas
(from Bluejam CD 7797)
Label shot
Lucas, MattSmash (Ill.) S-1840  [45]1963/Aug. 24
Bb pop rev.
YW1-29996 Bullet Bluejam CD 7797 (#7)
Bullet Charly LP 30222 (#6)
No rating No One Like You — Bobby Mack / Orchestra And Chorus Under The Direction Of Jay Peabody Label shot
Mack, BobbyTempus (Ill.) TR1508  [45]1959/Jan. or earlier
(Bb est.)
No rating No One Loves A Broken Heart — Jimmy Swan And The Sons Of The South
(from Bear Family CD 15758)
Label shot
Swan, JimmyDecca (N.Y.) 9-31043  [45]1960/Feb. 8
Bb c&w rev.
108,507+ Bullet Bear Family CD 15758 (#21)
No rating No One Really Cares — Kris Jensen Jensen, KrisHickory (Tenn.) LPM-110  [LP]
Torture [mono]
Cover shot
(BSN est.)
  Bullet Bear Family LP 15031 (#4)
Bullet Globe CD 11012 (#12)
Bullet Rock On LP 1001 (#6)
Bullet Sparkletone CD 99013 (#8)
No rating No One Really Cares — Joe Melson Label shot
Melson, JoeHickory (Tenn.) 45-1143  [45]1961/Mar. 20
Bb c&w rev.
45-F-305 Bullet Bear Family LP 15027 (#13)
No rating No One Really Loves A Clown — David Gates Label shot
Gates, DavidDel-Fi (Calif.)  4206  [45]1963/May 18
Bb pop rev.
DF-463-537 Bullet Bread CD 1001 (#13)
No rating No One To Take Your Place — Malcolm Parker Label shot
Parker, MalcolmCode (Tenn.)  301  [45]1961/Oct.
BMI clear.
CR 19611  
No rating No One To Talk To (But The Blues) — Lefty Frizzell And Shirley Caddell Frizzell, LeftyColumbia (N.Y.)  40938  [78]1957/Aug. 5
Bb c&w rev.
Pertinent No One To Talk To (But The Blues) — Lefty Frizzell And Shirley Caddell
(from 45)
Label shot
Frizzell, LeftyColumbia (N.Y.) 4-40938  [45]1957/Aug. 5
Bb c&w rev.
JZSP 41553  
No rating No One Will Ever Know — Wiley Barkdull Label shot
Barkdull, WileyHickory (Tenn.) 45-1065  [45]1957/June 3
Bb c&w rev.
No rating No One Will Ever Know — Narvel Felts Felts, Narvel[need info]     [ ] 
  Bullet Hi CD 123 (#6)
No rating No One Will Ever Know — Mickey Gilley Label shot
Gilley, MickeySupreme (N.M.)  103  [45]1963/Aug.
ACA master
Non-pertinent No One Will Ever Know — Steve Mitchell
(from 45)
Mitchell, SteveMarlo (Ill.)  1536  [45]
(pressed by Rite)
mx series
14429 / M-SM-2  
Non-pertinent No One Will Ever Know — Lawson Rudd
(from 45)
Label shot
Rudd, LawsonHarvest (Ind.)  709  [45]
(pressed by Rite)
mx series
No rating No One Will Ever Know — Jack Scott With Orchestral Accompaniment And The Chantones Vocal Group Label shot
Scott, JackCarlton (N.Y.) EP7/1072  [45 EP]
Jack Scott Sings
Cover shot
Borderline No One Will Ever Know — Jack Scott
(from 45)
Label shot
Scott, JackGuaranteed (N.Y.)  211  [45]1960/July
(Bb est.)
CRC 304 Bullet Carlton CD 108 (#14)
Bullet Flash LP 52 (#4)
Bullet Musidisc/DCA CD 107292 (#10)
Bullet Rollercoaster CD 3002 (#16)
Non-pertinent No One Will Ever Love You Like I Do — Johnnie Hargett Label shot
Hargett, JohnnieCherry (Ky.)  2000/1 [45] 

 Records 1-56 of 56

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