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Mima MLP001 (10) (1997)

Hot Rockin' Tracks

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Source: Uncle Gil's Rockin' Archives

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Page, Allen Pertinent She's The One That's Got It
Label shot
Moon (Tenn.)  303 
(pressed by RCA)
2. Alexander, Charles Pertinent Petty Blue
Label shot
CB (loc?) CB-302 
(pressed by King)
3. Grubbs, Jimmy Pertinent Let's Rock To-night
Label shot
Mac (Ky.) MR468/9 1958/Apr.
4. Lenoir, J.B. No rating Mama Talk To Your Daughter Not listed in RCS
5. Hustlers No rating Linda Not listed in RCS
6. Ross, Doctor No rating Cat Squirrel Not listed in RCS
7. Watkins, Bill Pertinent Big Guitar
8. Taylor, Billy [2] Pertinent Wombie Zombie
Label shot
Felco (Texas) F-101  1959/Feb. 23
Bb pop rev.
9. Norman, Gene Pertinent Long Gone Night Train
Label shot
Snag (Fla.) S-101 
(pressed by RCA)
1959/Apr. 6
Bb c&w rev.
10. Curtiss, Bill Pertinent Panic Stricken
Label shot
Arc (N.J.)  4443  1958/May or earlier
(Bb est.)
11. Sims, Frankie Lee No rating Hey Little Girl Not listed in RCS
12. Williamson, Sonny Boy No rating All Nights By Myself Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Bear Family catalog, Uncle Gil, Joe Wajgel

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